Are YOU ready?


If you are reading this blog, more than likely you are intrigued (or offended) by the title of it. Allow me give a brief introduction to it and explain what I hope to accomplish with it.

I am 25 years old and have so far lived quite a full and interesting life which I hope to continue for a very long time. God has thrown many trials my way all of which have shaped me and continue to change me into a better person. I generally find his tests to be a refining fire for my soul. This being said, I have had many experiences that others my age have not and therefore I find that the lens with which I view life is often a bit...different. I love Jesus, and He is the reason past experiences have not turned me into a bitter person but rather one that is MORE capable of loving others because of new understanding. I'm a sharer and so I want everyone to know the excitement of a real relationship with Jesus - one that brings freedom and joy that you cannot imagine.

Let me state a few disclaimers here. I am human and I am a very opinionated (and fallible!) human. There will most likely be thoughts on here that you disagree with. I hope to challenge your thinking, and I ask you to be open-minded. I hope to raise questions, to break the stereotype of stuffy conservative thinking, and I certainly and most importantly, hope to shake you up enough that you look directly to scripture to see if your beliefs/thoughts/opinions really come from it! We may end up agreeing to disagree on things - but as long as you seek His Truth first and foremost, that's all I ask :)

Send me topics you'd like to talk about - I have a full list of topics already, but would like to know what you are interested in as well!

Let's begin our journey shall we?