Resolutions for a New Year

I have mixed feelings about New Years Resolutions - January 1st seems like the best time to set goals because you feel as if it's a new beginning, a new start. On the other hand, resolutions have so many negative connotations surrounding them because many give up on them by the end of January.

In 2013, I made many lifestyle changes. I like that term a bit more because it has a sense of permanence to it. I graduated college, I went to New York for a whirlwind summer of training, I got married to the sexiest man alive, had a beautiful honeymoon, moved in with my new family, learned how to be a Mom, and worked on my healthy lifestyle. I am a little more strict with my diet than my husband and son are, but even they are gluten free. I am also processed sugar free, and dairy free now.

While there were many successes in the past year, and it is difficult to imagine a year that tops 2013, I am confident in my belief that 2014 will also hold many happy moments. To that end, I have a few "resolutions" if we want to call them that.

1) Be more active in my family's time together with Jesus.
When I met Patrick and Keegan, I was a huge Jesus advocate. Patrick and I decided where we wanted to attend church together as a family, we started doing nightly devotions with Keegan, I found an Awana program for Keegan to participate in etc....As the years progressed and we became busier, (and admittedly, when I moved in) my efforts weren't as strong. The foundation had been established, and I had a lot to do while finishing up school. This year, I hope that changes. Just in time, my parents provided each of their children with a book for Christmas. It's called "The Joshua Code". It has 52 verses with a little devotional attached to each. The point, is to memorize 1 verse a week for a year - following the scriptural command to meditate on God's word day and night, and hide it in your heart. I am really excited about this. As with anything else, it is always easier when you have a support team and so the fact that my family will be participating with me is so great! My brother-in-law even suggested we have a game at the beginning of next year to test who can recall the most verses. We aren't competitive or anything =)

2) Be a better Mom.
The progression over the past 2 years from being a stranger to a mom has been awesome. It's still a new thing however, and while there is a lot I have already learned, there is always more I can do. I want to be someone he trusts and confides in through life.

3) Follow through on any goal/dream I have
Auditions, competitions, anything that comes my way - I do not want to hesitate or think twice. If it seems interesting, I want to hit it head on and see what happens.

4) Pursue my new business and decide if I want to go full time
I recently had a - may I say - BRILLIANT idea for starting my own business. The next few months will be spent experimenting with it, and seeing how much I really love it - is it a passion? Do I want to do it full time/part time/hobby? I'll go from there. Thankfully, I have a supportive husband who wants me to pursue it and will help me think through the business side of things. By June I should know where this is heading.

5) Be Fit
In the past 2 years, I and my family have made drastic changes to our eating lifestyles. We are loving it! Now, I want to see how fit I can get! I'm in decent shape already, so my goal is to see how far I can go - I'll focus a lot more on strength training than I'm used to. I've even put together a food and fitness challenge for some friends who wanted to participate in getting fit this year. It's almost like a little side job. Loving that so far too.

6) Love my husband
Not that it's much of a challenge. I love being married to him, and we fall deeper in love each day. I understand that I cannot be complacent though, so really this isn't a goal for 2014, this is a goal every day for the rest of my life to keep that momentum going :)

Happy New Year to You!