Happy Anniversary!

This is 19 days premature, but my husband and I are about to celebrate our 1 year anniversary and I couldn't be more excited!

Years ago, I subscribed to the popular notion that the first 2 years of your marriage are the hardest, and if you make it through them, you are more likely to succeed. I'm sure that statistically that may be accurate, but boy oh boy if the past year was as rough as it will get, I'd say life is pretty golden!

If I could speak to young ladies 16-25, my desire would be for them to value themselves highly enough to never ever settle. And to know above all else, that marriage is a wonderful thing! Now that I have experienced that reality, I want everyone else to know it too!!!!

1) Fighting doesn't need to be a reality
For some reason, people think that fighting in a relationship is normal, and to be expected. Nooooooooo......it's not normal, and if you are in a dating relationship and you fight on a regular basis, move along. Don't ever step into more commitment unless you are ecstatically happy with the current relationship dynamics. There should be NO problems to work out when you are dating or engaged - just the sheer joy of being together and planning your future.

2) Marriage to your soulmate is amazing
That's right, I said it. I'm a total goon and believe in soulmates. I believe that there ARE right and wrong people to marry and that no, you cannot just "make it work" with whoever you choose, because if it isn't  who God has chosen for you....well, it will just be extra hard. So when you wait for the right one, and God plops him into your lap, marriage is AMAZING! It's a partnership, a friendship, and a journey you can't create for yourself. This past year, life has brought things that we have both struggled with, and challenges we have had to face. But because we have faced them together, they don't seem as  difficult. God has truly blessed me with a husband who is encouraging and loving and reminds me to put things into a broader perspective.

3) Fairytales do exist
I get uber annoyed when I hear people trying to push the pessimistic outlook of  "fairytales don't exist and if you are looking for prince charming you will be disappointed." My response to that is if you think you will never find a perfect man, you certainly won't. If you believe you will find the perfect man, then you will.

Don't get me wrong, life happens. Things break, kids disobey, we all make mistakes and eventually say something that hurts the other person's feelings. But I 100% believe that I married the right man because every day with him is a happy one. Our love languages compliment one another well, and his patience goes far to keep disagreements at bay and communication open.

     So Patrick, I am so thankful that you came to that movie with me, and kept asking to see me after you found out how much I like to talk :) I love everything about you, but particularly your desire to obey God, your generosity, patience, and humor. You are the most handsome man inside and out that I could possibly wish for, and I am so happy that we spent this past year cuddling and laughing together.
I cannot wait to multiply it times 50! You are my prince charming, and I love you!!

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