Pillows and Blankets are the BEST!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,
      My name is Cocoa and occasionally I'll be posting on mommy's blog, just to keep  things light. She gets busy and stressed out sometimes but I do my best to cuddle with her and make her smile. She tells me how adorable I am every day so I guess it works.

I live a great life, I really do. It's pretty cushy. Speaking of cushy, BLANKETS. Oh my gosh - you humans don't really appreciate them like you should. They are warm, and soft and...and...FLUFFY!!!! And I love them. I really do. But it's not just blankets, it's pillows and soft things in general. I love being surrounded by them all the time! I make little pillow forts and pop my head out. It's just perfect. At night, I love to sleep in between my mommy and daddy. Yep, RIGHT in between. I try to make sure they both know how much I love them equally. Sometimes I sleep all the way at their feet underneath the blankets, and sometimes up by Daddy's face, if it gets a little warm. I do my best to divide my time between them equally - one night I'll be smooshed up behind mommys knees, and the next I'll cram myself as close as I can get to Daddy's side. Every once in awhile, I'll even sleep with the little master, but I know who walks me, poops me and feeds me, so I usually cuddle a little more with them just to make sure the treats keep coming.

Anyway, not to get too far off point here - I hope you all have a wonderful week. If your day isn't going too well, grab a bone (or I hear you humans like something called coffee) and DEFINITELY wrap yourself in a blanket, because it's the BEST! I just know that will make your day better!