Happy Birthday!


Even when I worked in an office, and my birthday fell in the middle of the week, I still loved it. I wake up on my birthday feeling so happy and special! When else do you get to walk around with a tiara all day and not get strange looks?  Well today is my husbands birthday and minus the tiara part, I want him to feel the same way about birthdays- so this post is dedicated to why I love him.

1) Most importantly, he is a man of character and integrity - he ALWAYS does the right thing, is kind, and loving, and prioritizes his Christian beliefs and family.

2) I have traveled so much since meeting him! I have seen Lake Tahoe for our honeymoon, Cape Cod for our 1yr anniversary, Disney World with Keegan, UTAH (though that didn't end very well!) and lots of weekend trips. Tomorrow we are heading to Baltimore so he can run the marathon! I LOVE traveling, and I love it even more when it's with my best friend.

3) Speaking of marathons, I love how active he is and how active he encourages ME to be! 3 years ago I didn't even run. Like at all - our first e-mail communications had to do with my disdain for the concept, even while I enjoyed working out in other ways. Well, less than 2 months later he had me under his spell at the gym doing insane workouts. NOW I have a fitness group on facebook, our eating lifestyle is dramatically improved together, and I am consistently running 5Ks (which he could run backwards).

4) He is so considerate - as a roommate, I couldn't ask for a better one. When he gets up insanely early for a run or for work he is the quietest person trying to let me be lazy and sleep late. He also takes charge of dishes, laundry, and cleaning quite frequently.

5) He is always thoughtful and ready to talk - if I need to talk about something he is there to listen, and he encourages me often by leaving notes around the house.

6) He's basically hilarious and makes me laugh every day about SOMETHING!

So today, I hope you have an amazing birthday Patrick because I love you and appreciate you SO MUCH! Now let's go eat cake :-)