Existing Delightfully in 2015

At the end of every year people reflect on how it went and what they want to change or improve upon. For me, 2014 was an amazing year. I wasn't perfect and I didn't accomplish everything I ever wanted to, but I consider it a success because I made more progress than the year before. That's my general life goal... every year build upon and improve upon the last. This past year I had several health problems that caused long pauses in my fitness routines and when you get out of the habit it's always hard to jump back in. So there were many breaks this year as I worked through some issues but I think I still ran more this year than last! I also know that I ran further distances more frequently than before as well so that is progress in the right direction.

In regards to my food journey I, like anyone else, like to have sweets probably too often. But we have really held the course in regards to making better choices overall. I like it when I'm able to cook at home, and make healthy dinners. Cheating for me now means that I have too much dairy, or I get a dessert out a restaurant that has white sugar in it (or some candy around Christmas!). On a regular basis though, I prefer to keep my sugar intake a lot lower than I used to. It really seems to affect my body, and it's better to limit it, so I like to make my homemade paleo desserts when I have that craving. One of my favorite discoveries this year was mug cakes! Sweetened with cocoa powder and honey. It's just enough sweet for me!

Professionally, I started my own business SparklingDaisy Shoes and that was a grand adventure! I started out slowly just wanting to see if I could do it, if people were interested, and if I would enjoy the process. Turns out, I love it! I have goals of pursuing it more strongly in 2015 and really establishing it as a business.

I was able to plan my church's Christmas Eve program and that really topped off 2014 for me - it was such a special thing to be able to participate in. I loved the whole process of planning, and I especially loved getting to know people in my church more closely.Vocally, I feel like I have made some really exciting progress this year, and I'm hoping to audition and perform more in 2015!

Speaking of 2015....In less than 24 hours it will be a new year- and here are my goals:

1) I'd like to be more consistent with green smoothies. 3 a week would be great. I need the nutrients they provide - gotta get those greens!!!

2) Build more on my running. I participated in a few races this year, and I'd like to keep doing that - staying consistent throughout the year, running at least 15 miles a week. (I might have to build back up to that!!!!)

3) I have several professional opportunities at the beginning of 2015. I am excited and nervous. My goal is to go in and take opportunities as they come whether they scare me or not! Jump into my business, and jump into my booked jobs with enthusiasm!

4) I love my family, and this past year has been really great. I want to keep it that way :)

Overall, the general goal is to be more consistent in my habits that last year - I have established some great guidelines and want them to be my norm!!!

I hope you have a wonderful New Years Eve spent with friends, and I hope you have wonderful memories of 2014. I know 2015 will be spectacular!