Holiday Treats

Hello and Merry Christmas!

With all this hustle and bustle, sometimes it's easy to fall into old routines when it comes to sweet treats. There is always a lot of talk about "diets" during the new year, "indulging" over the holidays, fighting that holiday "bulge" etc etc etc....

But what if I were to tell you, you can have your sweet treats and avoid the extra few pounds that come along with it? How exciting! Since we have gone quasi- paleo (I say quasi because we don't avoid ALL grains but always avoid wheat) it has been so much easier to maintain a healthy weight even though I eat sweet treats. This is because:
 1) I make them myself
 2) The ingredients are real, whole, non-processed foods
 3) The things that sweeten the desserts are dates, coconut sugar, honey, or maple syrup (which means low glycemic index for those of you that may have issues with blood sugar!)

Of course I don't want to save all the deliciousness for MY family, I want to share! So here are some amazing recipes that you might consider making this year.... (click for the recipe)
Christmas Cake (Anyone I have ever had try this has LOVED it - customize it with the type of dried fruit (no added sugar) and nuts that you like!
Chocolate Chip Cookies - If you just want a basic chocolate chip cookie, this is the recipe for you. No one will tell the ingredients are good for you. They taste like Tollhouse soft chews!

There are many more recipes at Elena's Pantry and Against All Grain. Enjoy treating yourself this year without the guilt!