Valentine Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day... you either love it or hate it. I personally love it and have for as long as I can remember whether I was single, dating or married. Who doesn't love a good excuse to each chocolate and wear pink or red? I certainly do!

The best Valentine's gifts to me are ones from the heart. Ones that take some thought, some careful planning, and are individualized. Be sure to identify you and your special someone's love language. Don't know what I mean? Check out my post about it here.

 If you still need some ideas, here are a few you may still have time for....
Gifts for Women:
1) A massage. It could be a gift certificate, or an appointment for a couples massage. Either way, you are sure to make someone feel loved....AND relaxed! I personally love Alec's Day Spa!

2) A manicure, pedicure, or BOTH! Don't underestimate how pampering this is, and for many women including myself, a real TREAT!

3) A weekend away. I personally like to plan (a LOT) but if it was a surprise getaway for a few days (think staycation in a hotel near you) then I think that would be so fun!

4) An evening of surprises - Has she been hinting at things she would like to do with you? Maybe it's been hard to get away to see a movie. Plan a whole afternoon/evening where it covers what she has been wanting to do with you - manicures, dinner, and a movie throughout the day. Leave little notes that tell her how you feel along the way.

4) Chocolates are good of course, and flowers too. But make sure to accompany them with thoughtful notes. List reasons you love her, and let her know that she makes you happy.

Gifts for Men:

1) Don't underestimate your man's level of gushiness. A framed picture of the two of you with a note telling him why he is the man of your dreams will make some men swoon,

2)  Leave sticky notes with things you like about him listed on each one leading a trail to his gift (slippers? lingerie? cologne?) Tailor that to your relationship of course :)

3) A scavenger hunt where he has to answer one clue to get to the next location a clue is awaiting him. They could lead to him to a bag of chocolate kisses- redeemable of course for the real things!

4) Something personalized - a DIY t-shirt with his name, couples t-shirts, mugs, something he may enjoy (and use!) that reminds him of your relationship and how much you love him.

Gifts for Kids

1) Make some cookies together and decorate them with icing, and cut them in heart shapes for the occasion!

2) Take them out on their own "date". Go to lunch and spend some one-on-one time.

3) Buy them a small gift, and accompany it with their favorite candy. Make sure they know how loved they are on this mushy day too!
I hope you have an amazing day tomorrow,
 any way you celebrate!. XOXO