It is well with my soul!

Hello friends!

Wow, 2015. Life has been very busy for me this year and VERY exciting, so I thought I would update you on a list of things accomplished, done, or experienced so far....

1) At the beginning of this year I performed 3 months in La Comedias "South Pacific" as Nurse #4. It was so much fun. I met wonderful friends, and while I only had two spoken lines, we made the most of it by coming up with different ways to say them almost every night. I felt like I was practicing improv while getting paid to perform. So it was pretty cool. The positives were friends, performing experience, resume addition, and not having to wonder the rest of my life "what if I auditioned for....?" The negatives were how much time it took and how much it wore me out. I was gone evenings Wednesday-Sunday which in the end I think was not the best situation for my little family. Keegan is a delightful child who doesn't necessarily want to be DOING things with you all the time, but he wants you to be in the house or in his little sphere. That makes him happy. This is something going forward I will have to consider when thinking about future jobs!
2) I have been in 3 commercials! Whaaaaaaaaaat....... I know. It's so weird. Who in the world ever thought I would do commercials? It's actually a lot of fun. I did a series of three TV and 3 radio commercials for Directions Credit Union. You can see the videos HERE. Then I did an internal company video for FirstData, advertising their Clover Station POS. Unfortunately, I never saw the end product for that one, but it shot in a cute little coffee shop in Cincy. THEN and this is where it gets crazy - I shot a commercial for Speedway. Yup, the gas station. Like how does this even happen? I didn't have any lines, I was a military wife and mom. This commercial I believe comes out around July 4th - keep an eye out!

 3) Health and fitness - Well, In this area I am doing my best and there are a few updates. Remember how I said La Comedia wore me out? About halfway through it my body basically said "ok, I'm done, I'm going to be tired now no matter how much sleep you get.". Towards the end of my undergraduate degree, I was coming home and crashing in the middle of the afternoons etc. Basically, when I get stressed out emotionally or physically, and my schedule becomes more demanding, my body says "peace out!". I was able to see a chiropractor/nutritionist down in NC that my sister has used and confirmed some suspicions. I may have a leaky gut - you can read more about that HERE, but basically, your intestines don't absorb micronutrients and there can be all sorts of issues like skin issues, food reactions, fatigue etc....She also said I probably have adrenal fatigue which is actually why I went to her. Your adrenals control your stress hormones and there fore help your body react properly to stress. When they are fatigued, things go bonkers (again things like fatigue...). Learn about Adrenal Fatigue HERE. Thankfully, there are supplements that can strengthen that and so we are starting a regimen to hopefully balance it out. I am also going to have to do an elimination diet which means certain foods my body may be reacting to now (in my case dairy, peanuts, wheat, eggs) I give up for 2 weeks. Then I reintroduce them one at a time and monitor my body's reactions. Once the real culprit is identified (I'm pretty sure its dairy) then often times your body doesn't really have an issue with the other foods.
4)College - OMG - this wasn't even on my radar to go back to school and get my masters, but a friend of mine from WSU approached me and asked me to consider it and then WSU offered me a full ride! a FULL RIDE! I have some conflicting feelings about it, but how could I say no? This is a big reason I sought help for my fatigue. I want to be able to handle everything thrown at me through this process!
5) Marriage and parenting- well well well.....isn't parenting HARD? haha. I love being a Mom SO MUCH. But we go through phases where I feel HORRIBLE at it. Luckily, I have an amazing kid who loves me, and works on being good, and challenges me to become better. That's something I think that has really happened this year- me growing that is. As Keegan grows so must my parenting skills and abilities. He's about to hit middle school so watch out!!! haha. On the marriage front, I am about to hit my 2 year anniversary and I am so excited about it. For those of you who have known me a long time, you may remember I didn't make it two years last time....I dislike bringing up that relationship because it was so negative, but it just makes me want to celebrate my current relationship SO MUCH MORE. What we have is beyond what I could have imagined and I'm so happy!!!!
6) Celebrations. I love spending time with my family, and when our schedule allows (keegan is in select soccer now, the big boy! So that takes a lot of evenings now.) we try to have dinner once a week with my parents. I love that. MY parents 40th anniversary is tomorrow, and my sister and I decided to throw them a party. Since my parents eloped, we only thought it appropriate to throw them a small wedding. We told them 2 days prior to the event and we were so happy to find out that they loved the idea and got really excited about it!!!! It was so sweet to see my mom in a dress holding a bouquet with my Dad walking her down the isle. When their friends stood up  as they walked down, I almost cried! My parents deserve the love and recognition they received this weekend.

As you can see, 2015 has been a busy year and we're only halfway through! God has definitely provided wonderful opportunities. Can't wait for the second half!