Hashtag First World Problems

Isn't it a beautiful day today?! Oh my goodness, my family just got back from a long weekend trip in Nashville where the weather was suffocatingly hot and humid! We loved it, but WHEW! Coming home to 80 degree weather is almost refreshing.

Today I just wanted to share with you a few real life real (first) world problems I have been having. This summer has been particularly difficult for me in regards to health/fitness/wellbeing. I believe it's a combination of travel (which makes controlling ingredients in food more difficult),  and Summer (Keegan being home means it's a lot harder for me to get to the gym or make time for workouts).So I'm just going to share a few things I have been having a hard time with and what my goals/solutions are. Maybe it can help you too!

1) Weight gain. To anyone else it's probably a non-issue but to ME, I've gained a few pounds and can't seem to drop them! It's not enough to buy new clothes or have people say "oh she's gained some weight!" but it's enough to make me uncomfortable and want to make some changes.

2) Bloating and acid reflux. I have REALLY struggled with bloating/digestion and often feeling like there is a brick right below my belly. Not sexy. Just this alone makes me feel fatter than I am and I hate that feeling! Acid reflux is so uncomfortable and not something I typically have an issue with but I think this may be related to all my traveling and not being strict enough with my food ingredients.

3)Fitness. I am doing my best at keeping active this summer, but it gets difficult. I don't go to the gym because there is no kids corner and I don't really enjoy running when it's over 70degrees. I have made some efforts to do in home workouts or take advantage when the weather is nice early in the morning but I think I need more of a schedule/goal.

Overall, this summer has just been kind of "blah" in regards to consistency! So I have a few solutions because I know what I need to do to get back on track!


1) Elimination diet. This is my most important solution because it will help with most of the problems. I was supposed to start this over a month ago but with all my traveling I have really been loose about it. (When you go to Hershey, PA, how can you say no to chocolate?!) I will be very strict about dairy, peanuts, eggs and grains (more than just wheat, I will be eliminating corn and rice as well, at least for a period of a few weeks). After the few weeks I will try a few of these ingredients back in my diet to confirm what my trigger foods are and what I can actually handle. ** I will NEVER bring wheat back into my diet. It's poison. :)

2) Good food intake. While I'm eliminating food, I'm also making sure to get good foods in. I'm going to be focusing on green smoothies, vegetables, meats, nuts, and fruits.

3) In order to be successful with 1 and 2, I am making an effort to plan ahead. For example, when I got home last night I premade a side that I can grab anytime out of the fridge and heat up in a few seconds in the microwave. I stocked the fridge with fruit that I can make into a salad or eat alone and veggies with some hummus to snack on.

4) Fitness - I haven't come up with a written out weekly goal yet, but I think I will be focusing more on weights rather than cardio (unless it's cool enough to run) for the next few weeks. Weights build more muscle which burns more fat during the day without doing anything. It has more long term effect than cardio anyway. It's also something I can do in my house whenever I want!

Feel free to keep me accountable and/or ask for recipes or suggestions if YOU are having trouble being consistent! I was actually relieved when we came home from our vacation because I knew I would be home for awhile now with no traveling and I can really get focused on what I'm eating so I can feel better fast!

Here's a fun little tip for you: I have a go to spice mix that I use on a few different things. It's super good for your belly and I LOVE the flavors. I do this to taste so I don't have any measurements for you...
  • Turmeric powder
  • Garlic (fresh or powdered)
  • Onion (real onion not powder, I like to us shallots when possible)
  • Cumin (my favorite and I use a TON of it)
  • Curry powder (sometimes)

Suggested Uses: Chop up cauliflower to tiny little bits and cook it in a pan with lots of coconut oil (maybe 1/4 cup). Mix in spices until you like the flavor and cook until the cauliflower is tender.

Another option is to use sweet potatoes and make a hash. You can either cut sweet potatoes up into squares and cook with all the spices or if you have a food processor, peel the sweet potatoes and shred the pieces using the shred attachment. Add the spices and cook in the skillet until tender.

Let me know if you have other ways to use this spice blend!