What to do when you don't feel like working out

We all have the workout blues from time to time right? I had them just today. I knew I wanted to wrap up my weights regimen today so that I could either rest or run tomorrow depending on the weather (and what time I wake up) :) but this morning I just didn't feel motivated. What to do, what to do....I got down there and did it! So here are my tips to help you kick it when you don't feel like it:

1) Dress for success
Sometimes just putting your workout clothes on is enough motivation! It's like they whisper to you "when you wear me, you can do amazing things!"....or something ;-) Today when I was feeling blah, I made sure to put on my "cute" workout clothes, not just my clothes that can sometimes be designated as workout clothes because I don't really care about them and they don't really fit that well...

If you are interested in my personal recommendation ( although there are super cute clothes that you can get at target or other places as well!) I just came across this amazing store at The Greene called Bend and I am in LOVE! Their clothing is made super well, with super comfortable materials and it's just generally amazing. I love the feel and the look of it. I also bought some new running shoes last week. My old ones were kind of tight and they also made my feet heat up to 1,000 degrees when I was running. Not pleasant. These were on sale in the Nike store at the outlet mall!

2) Pick some upbeat music!
Or really, whatever you feel like jamming to! I love Pandora because you can decide what mood you are in and choose a station accordingly! Let the music get you going.

3) Just do it
I know, I know....I couldn't think of anything better to say? What I mean is, sometimes all it takes is forcing yourself to get in the area that you normally work out in. For me recently it's down in the basement. So I head on down to the basement, put some pandora on, and get into stretching. If it's the gym, just get yourself to the gym. Once you are in your workout environment you will make it happen!

4) Have goals, shake it up, and reach out to others if you need to.
There are so many options out there! If you need to workout at home, Pinterest, Bodybuilding.com and Google are your friends. If you are able to get to the gym, have goals (and celebrate your achievements)! Do you want to run a certain distance? Find or create a plan. Do you want to lift a certain amount? Establish a timeline of goals. Shake up your workouts so you don't get bored! Along with my goal of getting through these bodybuilding workouts (which is totally new for me!) I have other goals like achieving my first pull up, getting all the way down in my straddles and splits....things like that!

Don't ever feel bad about falling off the wagon or needing some encouragement. We ALL need that at times! Have a friend, spouse, or trainer be someone you can text when you feel unmotivated. Just this morning I was texting my husband and he told me he had felt the same way but made it to the gym anyway and got through his workout. Shortly after that I was down in the basement kicking butt.

Make sure you incorporate rest days into your program and also make sure that what you are eating helps your progress instead of hindering it! If you need any encouragement or suggestions I'm always willing to chat!


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