3 Day Refresh- thoughts and review

I made it!!!! All three days done!!! 

Starting weight 117.4 
End weight 114.8
.5-1inch off thighs

Day 1 on the left, Day 3 on the right!

How it works:
3 day refresh is intended to jump start your system by having you drink your protein and fiber, depriving calories, and focusing on vegetables for snacks and dinner. 

Your day looks like this:
Breakfast: shakeology and fruit
Snack: fiber sweep
Lunch: vanilla protein shake, fruit, veggies and fat
Snack: veggies and far
Dinner: vanilla protein shake, dinner with recipe from 3dau refresh book - veggies based

There were also 2 options a day for tea if you wanted throughout the day.

So we're the products GOOD???
Shakeology: If you have followed me at ALL you know I love my shakeology. I look forward to it every day and it's filled with high quality nutrition. Eating this for breakfast was different but I really enjoyed it. It's filling and I felt like I started the day on a positive note!

Vanilla Fresh Protein:
honestly, I am impressed by Beachbody and their quality. This shake was actually really good. Not the BEST but still better than a lot of protein shakes out there in texture and taste. It was even better when I added my fruit allotment (1/2 banana) to it or some cinnamon!

Fiber Sweep:
This was a powder to add to 8oz  of water. It is basically flax and psyllium husk which are whole, healthy ingredients. It also had some lemon flavor. When you open this it basically looks like a scoop of flax seeds and then dissolves. Kind of tastes like VERY mild and pulpy lemonade. In case you are wondering- this is a very natural fiber supplement and so I didn't have any weird reaction (like loose stools) or anything like that. Flax is something I have used regularly so this wasn't necessarily out of the ordinary for my body.

So what did I think of it???:
I personally chose to keep working out during the 3 days and had enough energy to do so. I wouldn't necessarily recommend that however because it makes your calorie deficit even more. You eat around 900-1000 calories each day and that is already several 100 less than usual.

Day 2 and 3 I started having cravings like potatoes and burrito bowls with rice haha. I wanted something hearty and carby. There was some hunger in between meals or sometimes at night after my dinner options were gone. It wasn't terrible hunger- but it was there along with the cravings . Watching my son eat some other food for dinner was hard!

I cheated a tiny bit each day. Day 1- I added some cashews and snap pea crisps to our salad for dinner. And instead of lemon and olive oil I measured out 1 Tbs of our salad dressing. That's why the first day calories are higher I think. Day 2 I had a whole banana (you were allowed 1/2) in the morning with breakfast (I may have done that day 1 as well. Day 3 I had coffee in the afternoon- decaf with coconut milk creamer. 

Measuring my food was weird. This is something I am NOT used to at all! My general opinion is if you are eating whole foods, fruits and veggies there is no need. This was hard!

Obviously, I still had RESULTS! And there were several things I liked about this process.

1) It had me focus more on fresh non-cooked veggies. Getting more in is always good and there was a carrot salad for dinner on day 3 that was really yummy.  I can see using that as a dinner side in the future! I liked the snacks but in everyday life wouldn't limit them as much. For example you were only allowed 1.5tsp almond butter which doesn't go far when pairing it with celery. On the same note, I learned just how far it CAN go haha

2) I liked all the fruit options! Sometimes I ate it separately and sometimes I added it to shakeology or the Vanilla Shake. 

3) It helped me realize that less food CAN satisfy me. When I get hungry I like to eat a lot of food and scarf it down way too fast. For this I had to prepare the day before, measure my food, and be satisfied with what I had. I was surprised how little food actually did make me feel full. Of course I would be hungry later and I'm real life I could then eat more, but it was interesting that the small snacks could satisfy me for a time.

4) I like that it's focused on healthy real food- no chemicals no gimmicks just real food and self control. You have a lot of protein throughout the day and sometimes it's nice to give our belly a break by drinking your healthy meals. Whether that be with shakeology, vanilla fresh, or a green smoothie!

On THAT note- my sensitive tummy had ZERO issues these 3 days! I felt great, my tummy felt good, and the food I got to eat tasted good as well. I love that the goal is to reset your body withOUT starvation and while sill providing you with key nutrients!

I used my Fitbit to log calories and get and idea of how many calories I burned vs how many I ate.

Would I do this again?
I was talking to my husband about this and I actually think doing it in the future one day at a time would be more palatable for me. I don't have a lot of weight to lose and we eat natural, healthy, whole foods daily so it's not that my body needs much of a reset either. BUT I can see using 1 day of this refresh for 24 hours before wearing a swimsuit or  an evening with a fancy formal gown- something where I want to feel tight and slim. 

ALSO- resets are good! Shocking your body with fewer calories for a day is ok! It
Can help you bust through a plateau. The same is true if you are usually VERY strict, upping your calories for a day can do the same thing!

Overall: The program, the products, the ingredients and the results are great! It's a little tricky and you might get cranky by day 3, but it might teach you a lot about healthy snacks, portions, and self control!

If you are interested in trying this you can check it out on my website www.thetinydiva.com  

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