Beachbody Classic - mental preparation

Well! Many of you know that I decided to participate in the Beachbody Classic this year! I'm nervous and excited! This is a huge step for me - who wouldn't be nervous walking on stage in front of a ton of people in a swim suit while people are LITERALLY judging your body?! haha

What is the Beachbody Classic? It's their version of a physique competition. The basic rules are: first entered get to participate, you must prepare using a beach body program, and you will be judged on personality, body condition and stage presence.

It's more relaxed than say a NPC bikini competition, but at the same time there are some legitimately strong competitors:
I have no goals of winning or placing in the top 20, but what I do want is to push myself, become even stronger and healthier, and not totally embarrass myself on stage in a swim suit.

So here are my goals and some prep:
1) over the next few days I will be counting my calories to get a baseline of what my normal intake is. This will provide me with my maintainable calorie intake. From there over several months I can either up or lower my calories depending on the results.

2) Once opera is over in a few weeks I'll begin focusing hard core on my nutrition. I'm already pretty intense about it but this will be measuring, counting calories, and making sure I'm getting enough fats, proteins, and carbs every day- not really looking forward to this. During April at least I will allow myself some cheats, and some flexibility still. Meal planning will probably become a necessity and this is one thing that will be a hard adjustment for me.

3) I am currently using 22 minute hard corps to prepare and I will see what my fitness level is at the end of this program. I also have 21 day fix extreme and Hammer & Chisel to use as well.

4) Supplementation. I drink shakeology every day, but I've also purchased some BCAAs. I'm training pretty hard and most recovery drinks have chemicals or caffeine in them  so I've had a hard time finding something basic enough to support my muscle recovery without compromising my nutrition as well. BCAA's are just essential amino acids. I am thinking about another protein shake in the afternoon, but I'll have to work that out once I figure out my calories and macros. I want to keep everything as clean and healthy as possible.

5) I do NOT want to get to the point where I hurt my body - either with too much stress, or too much fat loss that it affects my hormones. I'll be monitoring how I feel, making sure I consume enough fat, and I will not deplete my calories past a certain point to protect myself.

6) spray tans and posing LOL! I'll probably experiment with spray tans in May or so just to get a feel for what is appropriate and how it works. This isn't in my regular habits haha. Also posing. I don't want feel like a fish out of water so I will be working on posing in heels, feeling confident, and looking legit!

I am really looking forward to this process! Regardless of how much my body does or doesn't change, I'm already proud of how far I have come in 6 months mentally AND physically - so wherever I end up by July 28th I know I will feel even better!

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