April didn't shower, it poured! :)

Wow I'm always amazed at how time flies when you look back. SO many things have happened this month and it feels so long but at the same time so short! April began with opera at school, followed by ArtsGala, then a performance of Elijah, my nieces 1st birthday, Keegans birthday (this weekend!) and all while I have begun to prep for the beachbody classic!

Opera was a lot of fun - I got to perform the role of Laetitia in WSU's "The Old Maid and the Thief". I'm pretty happy with how I did so if you are interested in hearing my aria you can click here! I have really enjoyed working with my voice teacher this year. As I have worked on my hormones and balancing my health more, my voice has seemed to change and develop as well (yay!). Being able to work on details within a piece is so rewarding!
My super sexy hubby and supportive kiddo
at the opera :)
Immediately following opera was ArtsGala - an annual fundraiser and black tie event at WSU. I always enjoy getting to dress up and sing again. This year I was invited to be involved in the room decor and had lots of fun planning, setting up, and seeing it all come together - it looked amazing and that, along with the lovely singing program was a smashing success!
I can't even handle how hilariously awesome this
picture is! We posed on the opera set after ArtsGala...
and out came the future "Downton Abbey" series lol!
Shortly after these two events were over, WSU was putting on a spectacular performance of Mendelssohn's "Elijah" with Dr. Leung and the Chamber orchestra, all the choirs and a few soloists. I was asked to sing the part of the "Youth" and was so honored to be asked to participate. It was a blast and the whole evening was just fantastic!
On our way to Elijah
Not to be outdone by all the musical splendor that was happening this month, my adorable niece decided to turn 1 and get lots of super cute clothes, books, and a magical chair to sit and look cute in. It's really amazing how much progress children make at that age - every week I see her she has accomplished some new and exciting thing. For example - one week she will be walking just a few steps and fall down - the next she is walking very confidently but can't turn around - then the next time I see here she has it mastered- turns and all!

This whole month I have been watching what I eat carefully and working towards my goal of the July Beachbody Classic. I'm working out 6 days a week and eating meats, veggies, some fruit, shakeology once a day, BCAAs after my workout, healthy carbs, and healthy fats.

I've already learned a few things. For several weeks I was religiously tracking what I ate using MyFitnessPal app. It was interesting in that it would help me gauge if I was getting enough protein in a day ( I could see how many grams I was eating) and if I had the right balance between protein/carbs/fat. BUT! I was finding that I was plateauing and deciding (conveniently around Evvy's birthday) to relax a little and up my calories. I totally ate her carrot cake birthday cupcake! (don't worry, it was still paleo). What I noticed was I lost weight and so since then I haven't been tracking as carefully. I've been focusing on listening to my body, eating the right foods, (almost no sweets at all) and allowing myself extra when I'm hungry. So far so good and I have bust through my plateau! One thing I do know - I will not get bodybuilder ripped because I don't want to. I don't want to deprive my body of calories, get to the point where I mess with my hormones or energy, and compromise my health. Plus I don't have a coach while I do this so I'm figuring it out on my own! What I do want is to be the strongest, healthiest version of myself by July 28 and I'm well on my way!

Super proud of my 7 month progress!

Keegan is next - his birthday is this weekend and I can't believe the little squirt is going to be 12!!!! How times flies. He isn't really materialistic (yay!) but that makes it hard to find him gifts. He and my Dad I think are the two most difficult people for me to figure out birthday ideas! He just wants to have a sleepover and hang out with his buddies so we are definitely doing that. I will also be making some cupcakes and I think a recipe is a great way to end this update. Below is a picture of the cupcake recipe I'll be using: Chocolate Chip Cupcakes