Behind the Smile

 Hi all!

I hope you had an amazing Memorial Day weekend!!! My life is awesome. It really is. And every smile you see on Facebook is real. BUT there is a lot of down time that you don't see at home. A lot of frustrations, a lot of well....fatigue!

If you haven't seen my previous post about Adrenal Fatigue look here...Long story short, stress, travel, getting sick, messed up sleep patterns all affect me way more than a normal person husband who is always energetic :) I have been feeling GREAT and strong and wonderful the past few months until I got a cold the past (TWO) weeks and it really knocked me on my rear. At the tail end of my cold was a weekend trip - which i LOVE, but travel stresses me out because it always wears me out.

This is something I really hate because, like I was telling my husband yesterday, it makes me feel so much older than I am. I feel like many of my interactions with people are through a fog because my eyes are puffy, I'm super sleepy, and I just feel....yuck. And THEN it takes me forever to recover - meaning lots of sleep, sleeping in, hydrating and possibly naps for a few days at least.

Oh how I long for the day when I can be a carefree jet setter and have energy to spare! Thankfully, the supplements and regimen I'm on have really helped overall (until the cold knocked me out). But my husband made a great point the other day that I need to look for other things to help me when I travel so I don't get so out of whack. Consider me on it. 

Also, because I had been feeling so great recently I think I slacked off on being careful. I listen to a lot of podcasts, read books, and generally try to continue my education on adrenal fatigue so I know how to handle it and one thing I remember hearing was that if you are prone to it it's genetic and just because you have worked through recovery doesn't mean you are good to go. You basically have to know you are prone to it and be aware of how much stress you are putting on yourself through life, events, travel, working out etc....right before I got sick I completed hell week with 22 Minute Hard Corps which I m SUPER proud about, but I think that may have been what wore my body out enough to be so knocked down by a silly cold.

Within all this crazy stuff - I have SO many blessings! I'm SUPER thankful for my understanding husband who doesn't just say "get yourself together" but is supportive and tells me to relax when I need to. My "job" working as a coach through beachbody - means that I can work hard and relax hard :), the ability to workout every day (and at home on my own schedule)- AWESOME. The ability to eat healthy and make my own foods to support my system the best I can - love it. I'm super duper lucky, and I totally know it! I am very very thankful for everything in my life, but I know someone out there might just see my social media presence and think that I'm super perky and super energetic every day and maybe that's not how YOU are feeling. Maybe you are tired and struggling with something like adrenal fatigue too.

So if you are THAT person, I'm here to encourage you and support you and share my story with you! God has a plan for your life and HE can use us regardless of how we feel if we let Him :)

Fun Memorial day Trip!!

How I feel way too often ;-)
How i WANT to feel MORE often! haha