Getting real about FOOD - what you need to know.

Hi there! I have so many people ask me about food and what to eat.  People from all walks of life, with different goals and different I though I would share with YOU my hottest tips.

So....are you ready for the big secret? It's HUGE!! Are you sure you are ready? ok ok .... here it goes....

I essentially give the same advice to every single person. Whaaaaaaat?

But Kylene! Everyone is different! Everyone has different health needs and goals! That's true. But they should all basically be eating the same. There is a little wiggle room and some shades of the same plan based on health needs, goals, and allergies, but overall the concept is the same for everyone, and here it is:

Avoid Processed Food - Eat Real Food!

And that's it. My work here is done....



Ok - alright - I'll go into some more detail because I love you guys and want you to get you off on the best foot. :) If you haven't already seen my Healthy Steps posts, check them out here for some background info and here for specific pantry swaps!

What to avoid:

1) Breads/wheat/gluten - There is a huge contingency of cranky people that get all upset when you tell them not to eat gluten/bread. "oh's been disproven." or, "oh, that's only for celiacs" etc etc... But it's not, and if they would try it for themselves (seriously what is there to lose? except maybe some belly fat, depression, acne, hormone problems, fatigue, brain get the picture....) they could find out exactly how it affects THEM since it's different for everyone. Check out a fantastic article here and here that discuss the OTHER proteins in wheat flour, and how gluten (and the other ingredients) can affect people  - even those without celiac disease.

2) Dairy. This is a hotly debated topic even within the super crunchy, paleo, hard core community. No one seems to agree on it EXCEPT that if you choose to have dairy, make sure it's the highest quality (raw fermented etc....) 
My personal advice for healthy people is to cut it out for two weeks then bring it back in and see how you do with it. Some people are fine, others not so much. If you have something like PCOS, a blood sugar imbalance or other medical issues then this is probably one to eliminate semi-permanently.

For information on dairy and which types may be the best to try, read more here.

What to Eat:

1) Vegetables and lots of them! Filling your body with nutrients is THE most valuable thing you can do and getting those nutrients from whole foods sources is the best!

A few ways to get your veggies in:
-Try for a veggie at every meal
- Make 1/2 your dinner plate a vegetable
-Blend them in a smoothie
- Get Shakeology here  - did you know that it's the equivalent of 5 salads?! And has NO chemicals, but is FILLED with 70+nutrients from whole foods? In addition to all that it has probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes to keep your belly happy!
Drink your Shakeology!

2) Protein and lots of it! Eat as much grass-fed/cage free/wild caught meat and fish as you want! For some detailed recommendations based on individual goals see this awesome article! 

A few protein choices:
-Free Range Eggs
-Grass-fed beef/bison
- Wild Caught Salmon
-Free Range chicken
Shakeology (sorry but it's true! I drink it every day, and it has 16grams and tastes like a milkshake!)
-ALOHA protein shakes or bars

3) Healthy Fats. This is BY FAR the point I have the hardest time convincing people of. Eating healthy fat helps you LOSE fat! Your body is a survivalist - if you deprive it of what it needs, it holds on to what it has. Eating healthy fats allows you to burn fat in your workouts! Additional benefits to eating fat are: feeling satiated longer, feeding your brain, and cushioning your joints and muscles.

Ways to get good fat:
-Coconut Oil
-EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)
-Nuts/seeds/nut butters
-Grass-fed butter/ghee

For more info on fats look here.
Read this article about becoming a fat burner instead of a sugar burner!

4) Carbs - but only the right kind! Sweet potatoes, plantains, fruits, and veggies are all great sources of carbs!!! In a typical "american diet" our bodies RUN on sugar and carbs. We need to get out of that cycle and run on protein and fat. Skip carbs that are breads/wheat/flour/noodles/pastries/ chips etc.... (aka. skip the processed carbs!) 

5) Fruit. We normally like to prioritize this because it tastes so good and it's a healthy food we LIKE. But really fruit is optional when it comes to consuming it daily and that's especially true when we are talking about high sugar fruits! Low sugar fruits like berries are much better to consume on a daily basis but even then you might find yourself utilizing them more and more as a dessert, rather than your healthiest food of the day!

This is not to say you need to limit fruit at ALL if you are a normal, healthy person, you just don't need to PRIORITIZE it all the time. If you have any sort of blood sugar imbalance or insulin resistance however, you will want to be very careful!

Well - that's all folks. It's really that simple, and that "diet" works for almost everyone. Eat real foods, and avoid the fake ones. Eat whole foods, and avoid ones that have been processed or pre-made for you in a facility somewhere. No, of course this is not an exhaustive list at all, but I think it gets you started....if you clicked on any of the links you may have noticed I referenced Mark's Daily Apple a lot. His website has TONS of information and he's way smarter than I am. I get lost reading through his archived of information, but I'm kind of nerd like that :D

For recipes and meal ideas check out these amazing sites:

Disclaimer: I'm not a medical professional or a nutritionist and I don't intend to diagnose, or treat any medical condition or override any of your doctors orders or recommendations. I'm just someone who reads a lot, researches food a lot, and practices what I learn on my own body :)