Mom Love

There are all sorts of moms. Birth moms, moms by adoption, moms by marriage, surrogacy, pet moms (had to throw that in there) ;) It's really cool how God can place a woman I to a child's life (or a child into the woman's life) and create a relationship that is so unique and special-regardless of how it came to be.

I love MY Mom and think she's pretty awesome. Let me tell you why.

1) My Mom is selfless. She could have had a successful career in a time where being a career woman was a lot less common. She chose instead to give up more money and recognition to stay at home and homeschool me and my sisters. I always appreciated that. Her effort and dedication in that area is something I admire. Plus I really liked getting to spend so much time with her. Looking back I can't  imagine it any other way!

2) My Mom is smart. She made sure to educate us on what she believes and why and raised me to critically think through my spiritual beliefs as well. As an adult I really appreciate this because I wasn't raised to believe a script- I was raised to think it through and know that it's ok to listen proactively and agree or disagree with people about spiritual things. In the church this is important and as a woman this is important. So I'm thankful for that foundation.

3) My Mom has my back. Throughout my life I have had girlfriends come and go. Women are just weird sometimes let's be honest. But my Mom has always been there for me. Regardless of the decisions I make whether good or bad. Regardless of what phase of life I'm in or whether we always agree. She makes it known that she loves me no matter what and if I need something she is there.

4) My Mom is my friend. As I have gotten older and made fewer stupid decisions (I think) I have loved relating to my Mom as a friend more and more. We talk about more grown up things. I ask her opinions, we share recipes, we try to hang out, and generally I just enjoy her company and think she's really cool.

5) She's super pretty- I mean- see pictures below. :D

So Happy Mothers Day to the best Mom I could ever imagine having as MY mom. I admire you and love you and basically want to be you. I'm so glad God chose to make us a family.