How we handled a Vacation/Birthday/Anniversary in one week!

And we're off!!!! Leaving for our vacay :)

Day 1:

B: Leftover chipotle from the night before - ate it in the car on the way to the airport!
S: orange during our layoverS:Beef Jerky (grass-fed) (we had packed snacks!
L: On the airplane - salad with chicken (no dressing)
S: Shakeology when we got settled in (just water and shaken in my cup!)
S: The hotel brought us a tiny bag of kettle corn so we had some of thatD: beef jerky

Today we got up, had a two flights with a short layover, and then got to our destination in Austin TX. We worked out shortly after we settled in, and did a PIYO workout in our room. It was a little tight, but we made it work and it get so good to get moving after sitting all day! We followed that up with some swimming in the infinity pool!!We also took the extra time we had tonight to stop by the local grocery store and pick up some extras for the week. There is lots of food here we can eat (which is VERY exciting) but it's also a bit pricey, so we will do a combination throughout the week :)

Day 2:

B: Power bowl (sweet potato, kale, hard boiled egg, poppyseed dressing is what I can remember) + Green juice (Calories: 240salad + 160juice)
S: shakeology with almond milk (we have a fridge in our room yay!) (calories: 170 + almond milk apron40)
L:Salad (calories 240)S: Thunderbird bar a few nuts and fruit (calories: bar 150, nuts aprox 50 fruit 135)
D: gf bread they offered us with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and 1/2 a chicken with polenta and kale (calories in dinner 550, bread aprox 210, oil aprox 50)dessert: a few bites of a gf chocolate/date/nut pie (aprox 150)

Somewhere in there I think I had a few candied pecans too. 
Calorie Total: 2,118 (aprox) Almost everything we had had a calorie count on it which is super unusual for me so I figured I would add it up and see where we landed! (It was actually a bit less because I shared my dinner with Patrick and that was the number on the menu for the total!)


We had such a great day today! We went on a hike in the morning (whew man did I sweat) and then we went to an archery class, did couples yoga and we even tried aqua pilates :) It was pretty hard at some points! I liked it :) We also got in lost of relaxation time and we were able to be outside a lot. The weather here is super nice and it feels great to sit out on the deck!

Day 3:

Another Day full of adventures!
B: green juiceS: thunderbird barL: 2 eggs, 3 turkey sausage, a pesto-like spread with vegetable and sweet potato hash. And like 2 bites of Patrick's gf bread with jelly!
S: shakeology
D: (vegetarian actually!) a polenta soup kind of like a corn chowder but it was something I could eat because they made it with coconut milk + vegetables over quinoa and pesto +some gf bread with olive oil and a bite of Patrick's steak.
Dessert: a few bites of the chocolate date cake. (Also vegetarian, gf and no refined sugars!)


 Today's schedule was PACKED! We woke up and got started with another hike, took a short break where we incorporated our push-ups and plank challenges (yes we did!) and we were able to tour the farm where Travaasa gets a lot of their fresh food! 100% of the food from the farm goes to the restaurant. (Not 100% of the restaurant food comes from the farm, but it is all locally sourced!). Then we moved on to hatchet throwing. That was really fun! We didn't have any fitness classes scheduled so we went to our room and got some PIYO in! Later in the afternoon we tried some geocaching and we wrapped it all up with some guided meditation before dinner. That was an interesting experience!
Hatchet Throwing, farm tour and geocaching!

Day 4 - My Birthday! 

For a much more entertaining version of today check out my youtube video here: Birthday Meals :)

B: kits organic barL: polenta (corn) french toast with a cranberry compote and maple syrup + a fizzy birthday drink
S: Shakeology
S: trail mix
D: Mexican! Corn chips and salsa + chicken tacos on corn tortillas with the rice and bean sides...
Dessert: 2 pieces of a dark chocolate bar we brought 

Today was much more relaxed. Yesterday was crazy busy, today we had a workout class early in the morning, then we chilled out until after lunch when we had and "Equine Adventure" where we were basically taught how to be horse whisperers (it was pretty cool) :) and then we had meditation in the evening.  Patrick somehow got flowers sent to my room and they were beautiful!! Funny story - we went to a fancy place for dinner, ordered an appetizer, I wasn't feeling the food there, so we hopped across the street to a Mexican place and had some tacos! lol What a fun day :)

Day 5 - Our Anniversary!!

B: eggs, sweet potato hash, turkey sausage and 1/2 gf toast
S: shakeology
S: kits organic bar
S: small amount of trail mix 
D: Salad, steak and side of like a crisp potato thing. Fruity drink for our anniversary :) 


Today we got to try a BOSU ball workout which was really neat! Our big afternoon adventure was paddle boarding. I was so bummed we didn't get good pictures out on the water because our phones died from over heating lol! But it was a beautiful day. Turned out to be a great workout too because on the way out we were paddling against the wind. When we got to some coves we could chill for a bit and and get in the water. Then on the way back the wind just blew us right in. It was so cool!

Day 6:
B: shakeology
L: burger with gf bread and fries
D: vegetable noodles with tomatoes and a little feta and sunflower seeds + half piece gf bread with oil + corn soup and chia seed pudding

Today I took it slower in the morning and slept in. Patrick got up and made it to a stretch class right away and then followed it up with a 1 mile hill run! I went to a barre class mid morning which was really neat. Kind of like pilates mixed with ballet standing up! While I was there I met a fellow Beachbody coach! I was super excited to talk to her and she was really nice and outgoing. She has worked for BB for 13 years so she knows the ropes! :)While I was at the Barre class Patrick was doing some mountain biking so after that we enjoyed some lunch and then I had a kettle bell class which was ALSO really cool. Today's workouts were challenging! I love to try new things and use different equipment. It was great! We rushed back to our room to shower before heading to our facials at the spa. I've never had a facial before and it was pretty nice! After dinner we took a walk - there is a really pretty drive up and down from the resort so we walked that loop which is about a mile and pretty steep!
New friends, good food, time together, and beautiful scenery!

Day 7:

B: shakeology+ lära bar
L: salad
S: 1/2 bumble bee bar, lära bar later
D: Patrick and I order two meals and split them so steak with mashed potatoes and veggies and a mushroom gf risotto thing yum. We also had a piece of gf bread with oil and a piece of gf bread with pesto sauce (that was amazing). We ordered a dessert but I literally had a bite.

We wrapped up our week today!!! Wow has it been fun. My flowers are still blooming so we are going to leave them with the awesome staff here (aren't they pretty?!). Today was filled with fun things - we went on a great hike while geocaching, hung out with some cool people, and did some balance work while we tried to do slacklining! That was different and challenging.

I think the best way to describe Travaasa is adult summer camp. Lots of activities, friendly people, fun environment and good food. We would definitely recommend it as a great getaway! (Just ask me before you go and I'll give you the skinny on what to pack lol! We learned while we were here!)I think after a week as amazing as this place was, I'm ready to go home! I love my bed ( although we are seriously trying to figure out how to buy the pillows here lol!) and love my house. 

It will be good to be home and get back to work! It was actually really great being here as I study for my personal training certification because I got to experience a lot of different classes and workout styles. I was soaking it all in so I can be a better trainer and coach for YOU! :) <3