My Personal Beachbody Performance Line Review

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     I have wondered on and off about using Beachbody Performance Line to supplement my workouts and push me to a higher level of fitness, but I just didn't want to invest in it yet. But then I won a sample pack for working my business (Beachbody is super awesome like that - free stuff woohoo!) so I saved it for Hell Week (back to back workouts for a bonus week in 22 minute hard corps) because I figured if ever I would need the boost it would be using that week! So here is my personal experience and review! ( I also split them up among different days so I could notice how they work alone!)

Day 1 - May 10, 2016 - Day 2 of Hell Week

Today I tried Hydrate. I was pretty excited about it because the concept of replenishing our bodies while we sweat is attractive right? That's why Gatorade and other sports drinks (packed with sugar and chemicals) are so popular! So I was looking forward to trying something that's more natural.

My Experience: Today's workout was Resistance 1 and Resistance 3 so there were a lot of pushups, pull-ups, and weighted moves! Since I only had one packet, I used it in one shakeology cup and then had some extra water in another. I saved my hydrate for workout 2 :D

Cons: If you are super strict about sugar, it does have dextrose which is derived from a natural source like corn, but it is a processed ingredient.

Pros: Tasted great, made hydrating a lot more fun, has some really great nutrients in it!

Would I use it again? Yes! I can't tell you after using it only one day how effective or how big of a difference it would make over time, but I would be willing to try it out!

Day 2- May 11, 2016 - Day 3 of Hell Week

Today I tried Energize. I was a little worried because I have been low caffeine to no caffeine since last August due to some health reasons. Energize has 100mg of caffeine from green tea so I wasn't sure how I would respond to it, but with two cardio workouts coming up I figured today was the day to try it if ever!

My Experience: I drank it relatively quickly and shortly before I started my workout. My workout was cardio 1, cardio 3, and core 2 today back to back, so it was about an hour.

Cons: None

Pros: 100% natural, clean ingredients, 15 calories, tastes refreshing like lemonade. NO JITTERS. I didn't notice any heart palpitations or anything weird from the caffeine. Of course my heart started racing with the cardio, but I didn't feel anything abnormal. I was wondering how much it worked since I DIDN'T feel those things, but I can say that it's been 30 minutes or so since the crazy workouts and I still feel energized and mentally alert. No crash or weird side effects.

Would I use it again?: YES! I definitely think this would be a great tool to have on hand because some mornings are super rough for me to get going. I think personally I would save it for those days and not make it a daily supplement. 

Day 3, June 1, 2016 Dirty 30 Extreme

Whew! Well there was obviously a break in there - I got really sick after I finished Hell week :( I had a cold for a few weeks! I decided to try Recover now because getting back into my workouts I was really sore and thought it might help!

My experience: I drank recover after Dirty 30 from 21 day fix extreme and decided it would be a good day to try it because I was super sore and felt like my workout pushed me hard that day.

Cons: I didn't like the flavor (chocolate), and it has whey protein (dairy!).

Would I use it again?: I skipped the Pros section on this one because, unfortunately, I would not use this again. I was fully expecting to like this and unfortunately I didn't. I have heard really great things about how it helps your muscles recover and for me it just did not seem to help at all. In fact, I seemed to wake up even more sore the next day! :( I didn't like the flavor, and the compromise with the whey protein for me wouldn't make it worth another attempt. I really really wish I liked this but to be honest, my regular BCAA powder seems to help more!

Day 4, June something ( I think?) haha

I really took my time trying this one! But I heard amazing things about it and had high hopes!!

My Experience: I REALLY REALLY wanted to like this one! I was hoping it would really help me sleep and/or with my muscle soreness, but unfortunately it seemed t actually keep me AWAKE!!! This could COMPLETELY be a fluke and since I only took it once I can't tell you unfortunately :(

Cons: I didn't like the flavor and it's whey based again.

Would I use it again?: Unfortunately no.

In Summary

One of the things that really impresses me with Beachbody is the effort they put into making all their products top of the line and CLEAN. I unfortunately can't do whey, but that doesn't mean that some of these products wouldn't be more effective for YOU! My overall opinion is that these are safe and made with quality ingredients. If you choose to use a performance line, Beachboy's is top of the line! I also can't tell you with 100% certainty that some of these don't work simply because I only had them once- recover for example, may be something that you see more benefit from after using it multiple days in a row!

For me personally, I really enjoyed the hydrate and energize and have since purchased the tubs to use more frequently!!  I hope this has answered some questions for you :)

If you are interested in trying out a sample pack or purchasing a tub let me know, OR go to my website

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