Why I started drinking coffee again....and why I gave it up in the first place

Hello friends!

I hope you're enjoying the beginnings of a wonderful August! :) If you have followed me for a long time now you may have noticed that I gave up coffee (or at least caffeinated coffee) for a long time - almost a year, and now here I am posting about drinking regular coffee again- every day!

To answer why I started drinking it again I actually have to answer the question why I STOPPED drinking it in the first place! Last year when I was struggling with anxiety, insomnia, hormone imbalance and lot of health issues I took caffeine completely out of my diet because it can exacerbate all those issues. On a normal day and in a healthy person, black coffee has many noted benefits! At that time and how I was feeling caffeine was not the best choice and and so I eliminated it completely.

Since then (with many thanks to daily supplements, hormone treatment, daily Beachbody workouts and support from friends and family) I have improved day after day throughout the past year until finally, I feel pretty normal and actually - GREAT!

pretty excited about all the new options!
The past few months I brought caffeine back in slowly by drinking decaf when I wanted to, and half-caff when I felt like it. Recently, we decided to get a new coffee maker and go away from the Keurig we had because frankly, I was tired of the coffee in the k-cups. It's low quality and I didn't enjoy it much. Since we have switched to the Ninja Coffee Bar, we have been using coffee beans and coffee grounds to make regular coffee and I have loved it. Thankfully I have felt NO adverse side-effects from the daily dose of caffeine (no heart palpitations, anxiety or other!) and in fact, have really enjoyed my morning treat and look forward to it!
The Ninja makes HUGE cups of joe! 

I'm also enjoying our new adventure of finding our favorite brand of coffee, our favorite creamer and our favorite at home specialty brew..... it's like our daily quest to find what we like the most. Today I tried a delicious homemade mocha and that was quite lovely. I'm experimenting with homemade coconut milk creamers and like what I've tried so far!

Do you have any paleo/dairy-free coffee recipes that you love?! I'd love to hear them!!!