Stocking Stuffers for the whole family!


Hey hey Diva friends!!!

One of my FAVORITE things is Christmas morning. Like many families, we had our own traditions and a specific order of the morning. We would wake up, open all the presents and then sit down to enjoy the fanciest breakfast of the year.

Along with breakfast came our stockings. Over the years these became almost more fun to open than the bigger presents and there were a few years we even had "overflow stockings" (aka additional christmas bags packed with fun little things we could use day to day over the next year).

Since stockings are so fun in my family I thought I would share some really fun stocking stuffers for YOU this year!

1) You can't get away from the tradition of Christmas candy in the stocking. BUT we can make better choices! I found these amazing candy canes with all the flavor but none of the garbage ( high fructose corn syrup etc...) in regular! 

If you REALLY want to splurge, order a box of PaleoTreats and divvy up the individual treats between stockings! You won't regret it. My personal recommendation is to get a larger box and keep it in the freezer so you can enjoy a treat ever few weeks!

2) When we were really little we would get cassette tapes in our stocking. I always went to bed listening to a Bible story and I had 3 separate copies of my favorite, Queen Esther! Over time, this tradition evolved into a DVD from a fun movie that came out the past year. This year we really enjoyed and would highly recommend:

Beauty and the Beast  (family friendly!)

Wonder Woman (may not be appropriate for children)

3) Foursigmatic coffee or hot chocolate.  I know, I know, I mentioned this one in my GIFT roundup. BUT... you can gift a box or two OR, you can open them up and share few packets in your stockings. Hot chocolate for the kiddos and coffee for your hubby!

4) Stockings are an opportunity for something small and personal, like homemade coupons for a craft day, a date night, or a movie out.

One year my Mom purchased us all horseback riding lessons. To find the gift we had to go around the house and find these little papers she had printed it out on then rolled up to look like fancy scrolls. That made it fun AND memorable!

Get creative, print out or design your own card, and write a personal note that make it something to keep forever!

We've also printed out fancy cards and placed them in the tree. One year we wrote a poem describing Keegans gift and stuck it on the tree for him to find after all the other presents were open.

5) Know someone that LOVES nut butter? Check out these quality Justin's nut butters that come in handy on-the-go packets! 

6) Upgrade your hand Sanitizer with Dr Bronner's all natural and gentle hand sanitizer. Consider pairing it with some of their awesome lip balm! 

7) My favorite chocolate bar from Enjoy Life!! Clean ingredients AND amazing taste!

8) Everyone needs to get socks in their stockings now and again :) Women's no show socks and Men's socks

9) Gift your favorite essential oil! Our favorite is "Thieves" from Young Living

10) Favorite hair cair, skin care, or makeup product! I'm surprised at how much I love Beauty Counter daily shampoo and conditioner! My hair is simply not as smooth and pretty without it!

I hope that these make your gift giving a little more fun and exciting this year :) 

I'd LOVE to hear if you use any of these ideas and/or if you have any other ones!!

Bye for now!