My Secret Weapon

Happy February sweet friends!!

A few weeks ago I shared how I'm getting more into using essential oils and today I just wanted to drop a little tip I stumbled on by accident but find very useful! I've been traveling a bit the past few weeks and since I didn't want to pack my diffuser and carry a bunch of oils with me, I created an air spray to carry in my purse and use in the car, and in my sleeping rooms! I included Thieves oil since I've been LOVING that for keeping sickness at bay, and Purification oil as sort of an air purifier/ compliment to Thieves.

On my most recent travels I thought I might be wearing the same clothes 2 days in a row so I wondered if I may be able to use my spray as a sort of febreeze and it seemed to work well for that too!!


  • 1 bottle of rosewater (plain water should work as well)
  • 10 drop of thieves oil
  • 10 drops of purification oil

How to use:

  •  Spray in your car
  •  Spray above your bed before sleep
  •  Spray directly on skin for topical use
  • Spray on clothes for "febreeze" use!


Kylene Terhune