When "normal" simply isn't....

How many of you have ever been to the doctor only to be told "The tests say nothing is wrong with you." or, "It's all in your head" or, "there's nothing I can do for you....it sounds like you need an anti-depressant?"

More than likely if you have struggled with extreme fatigue, hormone issues, anxiety, inflammation, headaches, joint pain, or any number of other chronic but not life threatening (well immediately anyway) illnesses you are probably frustrated by similar responses from your physician. You've probably tried several doctors, taken lots of blood tests, and are sick of hearing the tests are "normal". Maybe you have even begun to believe there is nothing you can do to feel better!

I was talking to a client about this earlier, which led to me thinking about this blog post, and then I received an e-mail from my subscription to Mark Sisson's Daily Apple regarding a similar topic - you can read his blog post here. It's cosmic!

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As I go on, I don't want you to misunderstand me, I LOVE doctors. They are skilled and educated people who save lives. Heck, a few weeks ago they saved my finger and thanks to their fast, kind, and careful work pretty soon you may not be able to tell that I caught it in a blender! They have a skill set that is very specific and that is to SAVE your life. Not necessarily to make sure you have an OPTIMAL one in the meantime.

So WHY when you are feeling so bad do your tests come back "normal"? (if they are even willing to give you tests at all. When I asked my doctor in 2015 about testing my hormones she said i didn't need to as long as i was getting my periods regularly....). Simply put if you were able to get tested and you feel like crap but your numbers were "normal" it's because clinical ranges are very broad. And again, doctors are looking for something that is life threatening. Which is FINE - that's why they are there.....

But there is a whole segment of the population that needs MORE. Like me. I knew that I needed hormone support. I knew that something was wrong. I know my body and I know myself and when I feel lethargic, unmotivated, unable to handle stress and TIRED ALL THE TIME, i knew that wasn't "normal".

Through nutrition I have already come REALLY far! I went for YEARS with painful monthly cramping to the point where I would be on the floor in total agony just WAITING for it to go away. I couldn't function and the pain was unbearable. Thankfully it happened frequently and consistently enough that I knew it WOULD go away within a few hours, but it was difficult to take in the meantime.

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There was also a time I had severe stomach pains - different than the cramps but similar in the amount of pain. I would double over not understanding where they came from - was it an ulcer? What was happening? At the time I thought "well soda is super acidic maybe thats the problem?" So I gave it up for a really long time and sure enough that helped! 

Eventually, through a healthier diet and lifestyle both of these issues went away completely. Unfortunately, due to all the years of BAD nutrition AND stress, I still have residual things to heal from and right now my main focus is on healing my hormones and restoring them to optimal, healthy levels. While nutrition has helped TREMENDOUSLY ( I cannot underscore that enough and will come back to it later!) there is extra support needed!

Through the process of searching, researching and learning the past few years.... I found FDN! 

FDN stands for Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and when I graduate I will be an FDN-P (practitioner). So what's the difference? Yes FDN-P's still test. Test don't guess! BUT the ranges are very different. FDN test ranges are very small and based on OPTIMAL health. That way we can really see where you ARE, if it correlates to how you FEEL, how far we have to go, and what healing opportunities are available whether it be through organ detoxification, hormone support, digestive support and/or further testing! 

One thing I love about the FDN approach is their DRESS for success™ approach. DRESS stands for: Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Reduction and Supplementation.

This approach fits into my personal view that you have to attack health issues from a whole world, whole body, whole lifestyle perspective....if you really want to see a long term change and NOT just treat the symptoms that is! 

I won't be certified to test for a few more months. HOWEVER,  you can always start on the Diet step TODAY! And I'm happy to help you with that. No matter where you are or what your goals are, nutrition is KEY and if you are using supplements or hormone support they simply will not be as effective if this step isn't already securely in place to support your system and help them do their job! You may even see some awesome results JUST from this step alone!

You might feel embarrassed to admit you feel tired all the time. Maybe your friends give you a hard time about it, maybe you have struggled over and over to lose weight but you just CAN'T. Or maybe you are just annoyed of hearing you're "normal" but you don't feel like that's the answer....let's chat :)

p.s. I'm going to leave this nifty picture here to get your wheels spinning about how much chaos stress in your life can cause in your physical body....AND (more importantly) the areas that you can support, detox and potentially heal through DRESS™! 

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