What the heck is paleo?

Hey hey Diva friends!

If you follow me on Facebook, know me in real life, or read this blog, then you have probably seen or heard me talk about PALEO recipes!!! You might know what that means or you might be thinking "I know she eats 'healthy' but what the heck is paleo?"

Never fear! I'm here to share :) It's a complicated question actually because there are a bunch of definitions! I'll give you the basics and then share why I eat the way I do, how's that?

Paleo actually stands for paleolithic nutrition....so....the way cavemen ate. Honestly my first thought was "uhhhh who cares?". I was just looking to be healthy. Turns out, paleo tends to be the most nutrient dense, whole foods, anti-inflammatory approach out there. So once I started reading about it, learning about WHY certain foods are eliminated and certain foods are included it made sense.

Super simple overview: Paleo = zero grains, legumes or dairy*, but includes grass-fed meats, wild caught seafood, pasture raised poultry, any and all veggies, tubers, squash, and fresh fruit, seeds, nuts.

*Dairy is a debated topic in the paleo world and that's mostly because lots of people can't tolerate it at all but some can. When it comes down to it it's all about your individual gut and response. When dairy IS "ok'd" it's organic, raw, and from grass-fed cows.

MY overview: There are about 50 shades of paleo. and that's OK! I'll give you an example. For a long time I included beans, rice, and eliminated dairy. Recently I was bummed to find several other food sensitivities so my diet has shifted again.

Not only is every BODY different, but you can change throughout your life as you get sick, heal, travel, are under stress etc.

Thats nice, but WHY should you give it a go? Why eliminate grains (or at minimum wheat flour and gluten-grains)? Super long scientific story short - because they cause inflammation.

If you look at the disease cycle it goes something like this:

Gut disruption--> inflammation-->symptoms-->disease


What causes gut disruption? Certain foods like wheat flour, dairy, some legumes, etc... For more information gut health check out my previous blog post HERE.

Look - you might not care about the science stuff - you might not care about what your ancestors ate.

You might not care about a "diet".

Good cuz neither do I.

What I care about is fueling my body with the best nutrition out there -giving my brain, my cells, and my organs the building blocks necessary for a long, healthy, and energetic life. What that boils down to is good nutrition which is comprised of whole, real, non genetically modified non-processed ingredients. The easiest way I have found to do that is by using paleo guidelines and recipes :)

Bottom line: It's not a diet - it's  not a religion - it's a healthy way of living. I'm for that- I bet you are too!

Hope that helps! Have you tried paleo? What's your experience been like? What are your favorite recipes? I'd love to hear from you!

Bye for now :)