Taking the plunge and investing in yourself...

Hey Hey Diva friends! Another week has flown by and if you're in Ohio, what a crazy week! 60 degrees - snow - no snow.....is it spring, is it winter?! Who knows : ) 

Today I want to talk about investing in yourself. So often, for whatever reason, we find it hard to spend time, money, or energy on ourself. We come up with excuses like "I can't afford it", or, "I'm too busy"....

I'll give you the DUMBEST example ever: I have a hard time buying underwear. You heard it. Not swimsuits or lingerie, or clothes....UNDERWEAR. Something relatively vital. But I literally wear them until they have a bunch of holes or fall apart basically. How ridiculous IS that? (Don't worry, I recently rectified the situation)


But here is what I have found to be true. While it might be scary, make us nervous, stretch our budget, or be difficult sometimes, investing in ourselves is IMPORTANT. When I use the word invest it can be time, it can be energy, it can be money, or it can be all of those. Normally, things of high value involve all three (think about your kids!) 

So today I have some homework for you - choose one area of your life that you want to improve the most, take a leap, and invest in yourself today. Bite the bullet - take the plunge - change your life.


It's been shown time and time again that if you invest in something you're much more likely to get benefit from it than if it's given to you. Below is a list of ideas to get you started:

I want to improve my:

  • Spiritual Life: Purchase a devotional like The Quest from Beth Moore, and get involved with a group of people you trust that are encouraging.
  • Family Life: Schedule weekly family nights, invest your time in quality family dinners each night with no electronics. Purchase some games and start the conversation
  • Social Life: Join a networking group, say "yes" to your next event invitation
  • Health: Join my 8 week Get Gutsy program where you'll learn everything you need to get started!
  • Work Life: Start reading some personal development books like "Eat That Frog" and "The Slight Edge" or hire a business coach or mentor.

Most of the things listed above involve time, energy AND money....assign value to the outcome whether it be mental, emotional, physical, or monetary payback afterwards.... then decide if that's right for you. If not, ask around and find something that is!

What have YOU invested in that really scared you but totally paid off? I'd love to hear it in the comments below!