My experience with Emotional Code Therapy

Hey Hey Diva friends!

As I get deeper into the world of holistic health and functional medicine, energy work has been coming up more and more. At first I think "uh oh, take this woo woo with a grain of salt!" and it's true, you do need to be careful who you work with, and know what your personal and spiritual beliefs are and if they align with the practitioner you choose to see....

In my case, I'm a Christian and wholeheartedly believe in the spiritual realm which means there is a good side and a bad side to that. In working with someone on anything spiritual or energy related I would want to make sure I felt comfortable with the process and their point of view.

As skeptical as I have been in the past I am opening up to the possibility that emotional and energy work may be just as important as physical care in our future healthcare model. Consider this: You can find yourself in a traumatic situation and physically heal but if you have not emotionally recovered that event will follow you the rest of your life and may prevent you from healing physically 100%.

There is a spiritual aspect to healing that we don't fully understand and may never comprehend completely. Intuitively we do know that there are ties and cords, thoughts and feelings that come from or connect us to others that contribute to our physical health and if we are not vigilant in this area we may find that bitterness, depression and anxiety have a much stronger chance of taking hold when negative things happen.

A few months ago my friend introduced me to Lisa McCoskey who I interviewed on my podcast about her book The Living Well Code. Lisa happens to also be an emotional code practitioner and  when my curiosity was peaked she gifted me a session with her daughter.

I had no idea what emotional code therapy WAS and when my initial session was over the phone I was thinking "is this girl psychic? this is i believe this? how is she doing this....this is so accurate!"....


Turns out, she was using muscle testing after "connecting to my energy" so she could walk through the session remotely. 

I know I sounds nuts but let me explain. Muscle testing, or kinesiology, is based on the belief that your subconscious knows the answers to questions and cannot lie. You can experiment with this theory at home by having a friend hold out their arm in front of you. Then ask them to say their actual name out loud. Once they have done that, press down gently on their arm and feel the resistance. Because they just spoke truth it should be pretty firm. Now repeat this a second time but have them identify themselves with another name "My name is...snoopy". Press down on their arm and you may notice that it falls down or is much weaker because their body did not resonate with that as the truth. Lies and deception actually make us physically weak..... Don't believe me? Try this with someone but DON'T TELL THEM what you expect to happen.

Again - totally skeptical here so I tried this at home and it's CRAZY how accurate this can be. Now, I'm not saying this is scientifically studied, and I'm not saying that there is no room for errors or manipulation here - BUT I am saying that there is much to the spiritual and energetic world that God created that we as conscious and limited humans may never fully understand and just because we don't understand it or because we think it's weird, doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't exist.

My actual experience:

The first session, like I said, was on the phone. In this session she identified 21 emotions in my heart wall that needed to be released. What was extraordinary about this, besides how many of them truly hit home, was that some were inherited. That's right...some of the emotions that I didn't really recognize as my own she was able to identify as inherited emotions/struggles.

Side note - doesn't the bible back that up? "...The sins of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generations..." (Ex 34:7, Deut 24:16, Num 14:18 etc...). We are now discovering in SCIENCE how this is genetically true as well - genetic changes happening generations prior due to emotions and experiences are transferring down to children and grandchildren…so why not emotions?

The emotions identified were things like: unworthy, overwhelm, grief...etc..

Lack of control was one I could certainly relate to BUT was identified as an inherited emotion from an alcoholic grandparent. The whole process was fascinating. At the end of the session we RELEASED those emotions.


Now - because I'm a Christian and my practitioner was as well, I viewed the closing part as a prayer for release. I know that not everyone that goes through this process believes what I do and it may still be effective, but for me that makes sense. When you're able to identify these struggles you can end with a prayer for God to release them.

My second session was in person and even more crazy! The second session was really cool because I could physically see the muscle testing and understand more of the process. Definitely make it less woo woo when you see it happening right in front of you!

In the second session, we identified negative cords that needed to be broken. I.E. Negative emotions going from one person to another (in either direction). Which DUH makes sense....have you ever felt a weird connection to an old friend, an ex, or someone in your life and you don't know why?  Have you ever suddenly thought about them a lot with no explanation? It's almost like you have an imprint on them and over time if that becomes negative that cord needs to be broken.

What was SUPER interesting was while we were going through THIS process a name came up that we needed to address later. Once we came back to that name she told me "That girl is a saboteur in your life". Yeah. that made sense.  A saboteur is someone sending negative thoughts, wishes or energy your way and I could totally see that happening in this case. So we then started the process of identifying other saboteurs so we could break those connection as well.

You guys - this was a weird process and I had TWELVE people in my life that I needed to identify and break those connections with. Oddly enough every single one of them made sense to me - people that had been mean to me, people that were really snooty and looked down on me, people that are just really bitter unkind people....

I know, I's getting weird. But here's the takeaway.....emotional code therapy is so gentle, if it works for you you'll save thousands of dollars on traditional talk therapy AND skip all the emotional pain you have to go through dredging those feelings up from your past. ECT can identify issues and help you let them go without any long, tearful sessions.

Think it's totally crazy? Maybe it is - the mind is a powerful thing so does it really matter if it works or if you only BELIEVE it works if the result is the same? Emotional healing is emotional healing and this is just another tool that may be more effective, gentle, and helpful for those who need it. 

Want to try it? Schedule a session here.

What about you? Have you tried ECT? I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences below!