22 ways you can support a cancer patient today

Hey hey Diva friends!!

Today I’m sharing 20 ways you can support a cancer patient today! I have been SOOOOOOO surrounded by love and support and kindness the past few months and some of the things people have done have really surprised me and been totally awesome! I wanted to share in case you know of anyone that could benefit too!


  1. Send a cancer empathy card. For the friend who enjoys laughter, sarcasm, and reality

  2. Set up a meal train. Be sure to ask them what dates would be most helpful and what foods they don’t like or have sensitivities to. You can use a service like takethemameal.com to make it easy to share it with friends, family and church groups that might be willing to fill it up!

  3. Pray for them

  4. Send them a Whole Foods gift card!

  5. Send them an encouraging note. I just received a package from my sister and brother in law’s church with 10 cards - 1 to open for 10 days - each with encouraging notes!

  6. Gift them a hand held oil diffuser for hospital visits or at home nausea

  7. Mix an anti-nausea oils or an oil blend to sniff at the hospital or use at home

  8. Send a project chemo blanket from www.projectchemocrochet.com

  9. Send some fresh flowers or succulents to brighten their home

  10. Text them ,“How are you feeling today?”

  11. Gift them a notebook with encouraging comments and verses like this one to write down their experiences and keep track of doctors, visits and symptoms.

  12. Mail them a book you think they may enjoy

  13. Recommend some great Netflix shows/movies

  14. Let them know you’re there if they need anything

  15. Leave an encouraging voicemail or text

  16. Send them a Visa or grocery gift card

  17. Ask if they would like to go on walks with you

  18. Ask about their treatment schedule and be proactive about scheduling activities or get togethers on days they think they will feel their best so they have things to look forward to

  19. Sit with them during their chemo infusions

  20. Pre-pay for a massage or meal delivery (if they would like that).

  21. Send them an encouraging bookmark

  22. Create a gift basket of fun things appropriate to their experience, likes, and needs!

And there you have it! 22 ways you can support a cancer patient today. Every single one of these (except for Netflix - I was all over that myself haha) were kind things that people did for me! I was blown away how much people cared, and how every single thing on this list meant a great deal whether it was a free gift or a costly one, and whether it was from someone I knew or a total stranger.

Have you been through chemotherapy or know someone who has? What other ideas could you add to this list? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!