3 Day Refresh

Hey there!!!! I am MORE than anxious to kickstart my healing journey and to give myself a solid 3 day boost, I recently finished the 3 day refresh from Beachbody!

Now before you think I’m just pushing an MLM product….let me share my Beachbody history and thoughts with you :). A few years ago (2015) I began my pursuit of a healthier, stronger me by joining an online fitness group using Beachbody workouts (21 day fix, etc!). I LOVED IT. I decided to sign up as a coach and actively worked that as a job for about 2 years.

The reason I “walked away” from that isn’t because I disliked it, but because I found my true calling as an FDN, and my focus on physical perfection became less and less important as I became more and more obsessed with the idea of lifelong vitality, internal health, spiritual health and exercise in moderation.

That being said, I promise to ALWAYS be honest with you and that means sharing things that I like AND don’t like about certain companies or products….so I don’t want you to assume that because I’m sharing a Beachbody product that I endorse everything they sell.

For example, here are a few things I do not endorse/support about Beachbody:

  • The exercise every day no matter what mindset

  • The portion control for life mindset (container system)

  • Many of their performance supplements/shakes (ingredients or quality or purpose)

  • Folic acid and fortification in the whey shakeology and Vanilla Fresh shakes (not necessary and not ok for people with MTHFR - which many people don’t know they have)

    What I DO like about Beachbody:

  • Really great at home workout programs (as long as you don’t get obsessed and can still listen to your body and take breaks!)

  • Beachbody on Demand option allowing for streaming of yoga, bodybuilding or HIIT workouts in your own home

  • In their health and wellness line overseen by Isabela Daikler and Darin Olien the quality and thought that goes into their products is amazing - this includes Shakeology, 3 day refresh and the 21 day ultimate reset. This line is very separate and distinct from their performance/athletic line and is highly focused on deep nutrition and gut health - things I LOVE!

I really do LOVE vegan shakeology. There are several reasons I love it including the amount of nutrition you get in one shake, the flavor that beats all other protein shake competition, and their actual concern for the quality of the ingredients from around the world. In fact, whenever they do an ingredient or product formula overhaul I’m always pleased with their reasoning. The more research I did, the more I was impressed with their dedication to a truly healthy product packed with superfoods. That and the fact that I simply feel better when I drink it! Trust me - I stopped drinking it for 2 months and as soon I brought it back in I noticed a difference!

Whew! Now that we have that out of the way :) I’ve been struggling this past year with my love for SOME of their products, but my focus on building my own brand and not wanting to come off as promoting an MLM. But basically, I’ve gotten over it. I’m going to share products I love with you regardless of where they come from. But I will NOT share a product that I DON’T love, just because it comes from a company I like and support. Make sense?

3 Day Refresh

This is the second time I’ve done the 3 day refresh and each time was different! I remember a few years ago when I tried it I was super hungry and had some major carb cravings. This time, much deeper into my health journey, I was full most of the time and really didn’t have any cravings at all!

What is it?

  • 3 day refresh is a like a little digestive break, detox kick for your body

  • 3 days of nutrition guidance along with restricted calories and specific fiber and protein shakes throughout the day

What it is not

  • A permanent weight loss solution

  • A total gut healing package

  • Quick fix

When should I do it?

  • Before or after a vacation

  • When you need a boost to your metabolism

  • When you just feel stuck

  • When you need to get a good dose of fiber

  • When you feel like your digestion needs a break

  • If you want to ease your way into a 24 hour fast

Now, just to be clear, I don’t normally encourage extreme calorie reduction or portion control as part of a long term maintenance success plan. But for a focused 3 day thing, I view it as a modified fasting program and because it is so short, as long as you get back to real life by using real food afterwards without extreme deprivation and restriction…your’e good to go :)

Your day consists of 3 protein shakes, 2-3 servings of veggies,

2 servings of fruit, and some healthy fats.


Some people experience pretty significant weight loss, but that should not be the goal of this 3 days because most of that is not a maintainable weight loss. If your goal is to focus on veggies, increase your protein and fiber intake, help your poo and digestion improve and get your mind re-focused on healthy eating, then this 3 day refresh is a great idea!!!

If you are looking for a magic pill or sick fix then, well, the isn’t it.

My personal approach

A few modifications I made for my 3 days:

  • I could have coffee if I wanted (black or with a tiny splash of almond milk

  • I eye-balled the veggie and fruit portions

  • I didn’t organize all the meals/servings in the exact order they came on the plan. For example if I wasn’t hungry I’d save my lunch veggie and add it to my dinner veggie for more servings

  • I didn’t do raw veggies which you are supposed to use for lunch since my immune system was recovering from cheno

You can use this however YOU want and modify it as needed! It all depend on your personal goals.

Have any questions? Let me know! :)