4 Supplements to Help Your Immune System

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School has begun!

Which means fall is here and so are all.the.viruses. Whether you want to boost your own immunity, recover from a cold, or just learn for the future, below are my top supplements for supporting your immune system this fall! You may be surprised that things like echinacea and zinc don’t make the list, but those are wonderful as well - zinc is in most over the counter cold remedies and echinacea seems to be popping up in everything as well so I’m assuming you already know about them :)

Bovine Colostrum

Colostrum is amazing! You may recognize the word as the substance that mothers produce in breast milk right after giving birth. This is why breast feeding is so helpful for babies within the first few weeks because colostrum helps build their immune system providing immunoglobulins and antibodies that they need! Mother cows do this as well, and our bodies respond very well to the bovine colostrum as it is very similar to human colostrum. It assists in healing the gut, calming inflammation and supporting your immune system, just like when you were a baby!

Don’t worry, if you are dairy sensitive you can still use colostrum, most people don’t have any issues with this.

Always look for a grass-fed source.

Vitamin C

Yes, sometimes the oldies are still goodies. However, I bet you don’t know that you can megadose vitamin C to give your immune system a big boost and get faster results! Megadosing is where you take 500-1000mg of Vitamin C every 30 minutes to an hour until you hit bowel tolerance (you get vitamin C diarrhea). There is no harm in this and it won’t hurt you, although some people do experience some bloating and tummy rumbles before this happens so if you feel uncomfortable just lessen the dose or stop. Vitamin C works as an antioxidant and boosts your immune system. Megadosing would be helpful in situations like colds, sinus infections, etc….

Make sure you don’t do this with chewables or any form of vitamin C supplementation that provides sugar. Otherwise you’ll be overdosing on sugar too!

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is incredibly important for your immune system! In fact, many people who develop chronic diseases have really low levels of Vitamin D and over 40% of Americans are deficient! While everyone is telling you to lather up with sunscreen, you’re unconsciously avoiding one of the most beneficial health exposures you can get by being outside in the sun. Vitamin D3 is best gotten from direct sunlight. Yes - you heard me - avoid wearing sunscreen and soak up that D! Did you know that your body can produce up to 80,000 IU of vitamin D in 20 minutes of sun exposure? But guess what else - there are safety mechanisms built into your biology (God’s pretty smart) that shut down vitamin D production when you’ve had enough! So don’t go getting a sunburn by any means. Be responsible in the sun and cover up, get in the shade or go back inside. But GET direct sunlight on your skin every single day. Your body absorbs and utilizes vitamin D MOST effectively this way.

Here are some fascinating podcasts on the topic of sun exposure and it’s health benefits. I literally never wear sunscreen unless I’ll be out in direct sunlight in the middle of the day for multiple hours. Otherwise, I do my bet to get as much sun exposure as I can throughout the year!

When supplementing, you CAN overdose, so I would recommend working with a professional or getting your blood checked to monitor your levels if this is a concern for you.

Dr. Mercola interviews Marc Sorenson ( May 5, 2019 episode)

Is sunscreen ok to use? - Wise Traditions episode #193


Mushrooms are a fungus and would usually be viewed as a food, but now that they are gaining popularity in everything from tumor fighting properties to immune system regulation and brain focus they come in powders that you can take in supplemental or powder form (mix in a smoothie etc…) Chaga is one famous medicinal mushroom know specifically for supporting the immune system.

I personally love to use Foursigmatic as my mushroom provider because they are very careful about quality, they use a dual extract process so the product has the most benefits, AND they provide you withmany delicious ways to get the mushrooms into your day like my favorite lions mane and chaga coffee, hot chocolates, teas, or superfoods blends. Use code TINYFITDIVA for 10% off if you choose to try it!

I hope this has has given you some new inspiration for the fall season! What immune boosting supplements are your favorite?

p.s. The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.