Nutrition is my passion, but fitness is her twin sister = )

While I believe that food choices truly dictate whether or not you reach your goals, fitness is vital for bone health, flexibility, stability, balance, coordination, tone and let’s face it…being able to bring those groceries inside with one trip (and looking cute doing it)!

Whether you have over a hundred pounds to lose, or just want to tone up, my online support groups, in addition to Beachbody’s at-home fitness programs can help you achieve your goals.

In my online support groups, you will receive:

  • Daily motivation
  • Nutritional information
  • Meal plans
  • Encouragement and accountability
  • Shakeology
  • Workouts tailored to your needs and time constraints

Because of the amount of options Beachbody has and thousands of dollars in content available on Beachbody on Demand (BOD), I am able to consult with you and figure out what would be your best fit and help you to reach your optimum health.  Nutrition, fitness, support, and ME, are truly your recipe for success.

"I think many people go through seasons in their lives where they don't want to go on as they are. Mine was pain and lack of energy. I blamed getting older and my arthritis as the reasons, really excuses, then Kylene told me about Beachbody. I have lost 12-14 pounds, inches off my waist and hips, my energy amazes even me. Dropped a pant size in three months! Honestly, I personally am happier right now then I have been in a very long time. But it takes commitment and a passion to keep going. Everyday, every workout, every bite of food and the challenge groups Did I mention that I have gotten the "look" from hubby a number of times, that says, "babe, you are really looking good!" I love it. Thanks for inspiring me to be better. And thanks goes out to Kylene Griffith Terhune, for tirelessly having a smile on her face and pushes us all to grow, not to give up, that there is hope, so push on."
- Susan

"What I learned this time round is not to feel guilty about NOT working out as long as I am eating the right foods. And I also noticed that I did go out to eat more this month then I usually do, but it was really easy for me to order good healthy food vs what would have normally order and I didn't miss it and felt so good about it!!! Thank you SO much ‪Kylene Griffith Terhune, for keeping is informed and on track and of course for being such an AMAZING coach!!! You ROCK!!! Can't wait for month 3 for me!!!"

- Sandra

"I'm down almost 10 pounds which is so awesome! 5 more and I'll be at my goal weight! I bought a bikini ( I haven't worn one since Jack was born) so I'm totally going to wear it while there....where I don't know anyone. Ha! Thank YOU for pushing me...I'm loving these workouts each day!"
- Kellie
"This group really motivated me to get up in the morning and workout (especially since I would have to post about it afterwards), which then motivated me to go do fun stuff afterwards (since I was already up and active) like climb or go to the park and try and train for some races. I also originally focused mainly on trying to workout more and not as much on food but seeing everyone's posts motivated me to start focusing more on food after all which really helped a lot."
- Jessica

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