Say Goodbye to Exhaustion for GOOD!

  • Have you been feeling not quite yourself for - you can’t remember how long?
  • Are you tired all the time, prone to illness and drained by mid-afternoon?
  • Do you tend to gain weight easily, struggle to wake up in the morning and forget things easily?


It’s time to detox your body and support your hormones! 

Meet the 10 week hormone hacker program

Your body takes a lot of strain, just by living in modern society. The foods we eat, the environments we work and live in, and all the stresses we put ourselves under every day can take their toll on your body - especially your adrenals.


Adrenal fatigue affects hundreds of thousands of people every day - and many of them aren’t even aware of it. It can cause a whole host of problems, including weight gain, exhaustion, lightheadedness, forgetfulness, a reduced sex drive, and increased stress levels.


When your adrenals are in bad shape, your entire body suffers, and so does your mental and emotional wellbeing. If you experience any of these symptoms, you could have HPA axis dysregulation (i.e.adrenal fatigue:

  • You generally feel tired and listless, except for a short while after eating.
  • You lose track of conversations, or forget what you were doing, saying or thinking.
  • You don’t ever feel properly refreshed, even after a good night’s sleep, and you feel lightheaded when you stand up.
  • You tend to get sick more often, and the colds and flu hang around for longer than they used to.
  • You gain weight easily, or struggle to lose weight, even when you’re following a restrictive diet.
  • You find it difficult to cope with stress, and things that you used to shrug off easily have started to overwhelm you.

hack your hormones

If you’ve been struggling with any of these issues, you might feel at your wits’ end - it can feel impossible to overcome, and you could struggle to find help. But you are not alone!

  • You can get your energy, strength and immunity back
  • You can overcome stress, exhaustion, mental strain and overwhelm.
  • You can lose excess weight without starving yourself, and get your body healthy and strong.
  • You can have an immune system that works properly and effectively to fight off sickness.

Take back your health and get your physical and mental wellbeing back on track by refreshing your adrenals. Your health is worth the investment!

Get refreshed in 10 weeks

We spend an awful lot of time doing our bodies a whole lot of damage. We spend eight to twelve hours sitting down behind our desks, working without proper breaks. We spend hours slumped in front of the TV, too exhausted to move. We throw ourselves down in bed and just lie there, worn out. And it’s not just how sedentary we are, either - our food is doing just as much damage.

We eat all kinds of toxin-filled, over-processed foods that do our bodies untold damage. We prize convenience over nutrition, and comfort over health. All that damage piles on and sends our adrenals into a downward spiral. Yet it seems we have all the time in the world to hurt ourselves, but none to spare to take care of ourselves.


Are you ready to commit to get your physical, mental and hormonal health back? 

Are you ready to make an investment in your own health, and treat yourself with care and love for a change?

Are you ready to give your body the care and nutrition it needs to rebuild your adrenals and boost your health and wellbeing?


Then get with the program and join the 10 week #HormoneHacker challenge! It’s just $127 if you sign up by July 31st!


10 weeks to better gut, better health and better hormones

Is it really possible to get your health back in just 10 days? Absolutely! Within a few weeks, you can dramatically improve your adrenal function and start to feel healthier, livelier and full of energy. You’ll start sleeping better, waking up more refreshed, and feeling more like yourself.

With the 10 week hormone hacker program, you get a lifeline to healing, nourishing and revitalizing your adrenals, and giving your body the support it needs to function optimally.


Say goodbye to:

  •  Exhaustion
  • Feeling distracted
  • Poor sleep
  • Difficulty dealing with illness
  • And that constant, nagging feeling that you’re just not in the best health you can be


The Program

So how do you refresh your adrenals, anyway? Pills and magical potions? Nope, it’s all about great nutrition that supports your system, along with knowing the right kinds of combinations to nourish your body and nurture it back to health.

Week 1  

  • Learn all about gut health, what that means, and how it impacts your hormones. 
  • Go through your pantry and eliminate the junk! 
  • Get to know others in the group
  • Set your intentions and goals for the next 10 weeks


Week 2 -5


Each week you’ll systematically take another step in removing foods from your diet that cause inflammation and disrupt your hormones. We will learn about one food a week, how to read ingredient labels and identify common places that ingredient may be hiding and why we want to eliminate it in the first place.


In addition to removing one food/ingredient a week you will bring in a new, and nutrient dense food that supports health, balance, hormones, and digestion. You’ll learn all about their benefits, how to incorporate them and have fun experiencing new things!


Week 6

Learn what supplements/minerals/nutrients may be helpful on your journey.


Weeks 7-9


  • Discover how to optimize your sleep naturally without taking pills.
  • Learn how to hack your body’s stress response and get into rest and digest.
  • Begin your personal meditation practice ( individualized to you !).
  • Discover what level of exercise/movement is beneficial for your healing in this phase of your life.


Week 10

The final week is our trouble shooting week. We will discuss barriers, answer any questions you might have, and create a plan to successfully incorporate your new lifestyle into your normal day to day!


Getting to know yourself

One of the best things about this program is that it doesn’t leave you out in the cold once you’re done. My aim is to set you up to be able to keep supporting your adrenal system for the long term. That’s why the program doesn’t just say hey let's put a bandaid on the symptoms, but we start with the internal gut health factors so you can learn exactly what foods work with your body to make you feel the best!

Once you’ve completed this program, you’re going to find that you have:

  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • Clearer thoughts
  • Healthier digestion

And you’re going to want to keep up that amazing feeling! That’s why the program includes a private Facebook group, so you can make sure to get all your questions answered and find the inspiration to stick with it and live your healthiest life.

The way this program is designed, you’re going to really get to know what works best for you, and what brings out the best in you.



What are you waiting for?

Your body has taken enough strain and damage and it’s time to give it what it really needs - support!