Food is information for your cells. It’s the roadmap to our optimum health…or not. What you put in your mouth may tell your cells to react negatively - this translates to your body creating inflammation, holding onto extra weight, giving you headaches and causing fatigue.  All of these negative responses can deplete your quality of life and cause long-term effects.

I spent years researching and finding out what foods to eat for my own optimum health. When you select me as your coach, I save you the time and hassle of doing all of that for yourself.  I will talk with you to about what foods do to your body, and how they can potentially help or harm you.

I will provide you with recommendations and resources that I have gathered, implemented, and seen proven results from personally, as well as with my clients.  You will also receive recipes, a meal plan, encouragement and support completely tailored to your personal needs as you make this change.

I want to be your friend, biggest cheerleader, advocate, and health detective. I will guide you step by step until we see the results you want!

"Working with Ky as my coach has been such a great motivator for me!  She encourages feeling better and taking care of yourself through healthy exercise and learning to make good food choices.  Her years of trial and error in healthy food swaps are a goldmine of information!  Her honest, straight forward and simple instruction has helped me lose weight (and keep it off), gain energy and feel better!!  She also has a hoot of a side kick named coco-bean that really is a ham!" 
- Jennifer
“I always believed that calories in vs. calories out was the way to lose weight. Through the guidance, education and support of Kylene I’m learning to listen to what my body is telling me. I know more about my body’s needs at 40 than I have ever known! Through private consultation on macronutrients, nutrition, plateau’s and successes, she is there every step of the way!”
- Sarah
"first round – followed my meal plans almost exactly. Just want to say...I can notice a difference in how I feel. I used to get daily headaches... Like daily since fifth grade, I barely know what it's like not to have a headache. Migraines usually a few times a month. Excedrin a few times a day most days. But... I'm having less headaches. For example, I didn't wake up with one this morning for the first time in I don't know how long. And.... I don't have one right now!"
- Emily 

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