GI- MAP + DUTCH + 2 hour coaching and protocol session

GI- MAP + DUTCH + 2 hour coaching and protocol session


$359 paid directly to the lab when shipping the stool test in

If you are focusing on your hormones and want to discover what’s hindering you from regular ovulation, on time periods, cramp free cycles and plenty of energy then this combination is the way to go!

I never offer the DUTCH test alone because chances are if you are taking it then it will have lots of hormone imbalances …this gives us lots of helpful information ( see below) but I would always ask the follow up question - WHY? My job is to help you discover the underling causes - not just slap a bandaid on the symptoms!

In most hormonal imbalances we see underlying causes such as inflammation ( caused by food, drugs, pathogens, stress etc….)….the GI MAP compliments the DUTCH test so that while we are monitoring and adjusting certain pathways to assist your hormones we are also able to address and eliminate root causes such as viruses, parasites, bacteria or yeast overgrowth that are wreaking havoc and distracting your body from producing a healthy hormonal cycle.

The DUTCH test is still critically important! It not only shows us the levels of all your sex hormones (which guides us on certain foods, lifestyle practices and supplementation) but also shows us how your body is metabolizing and processing those hormones. We will then know if your liver needs support, if you need to focus on stress relief, what foods to focus on, and if any supplements may be helpful for the production, regulation, or detoxification of certain hormones.

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