GI MAP + MRT food sensitivity test + 2 hour review and protocol session

GI MAP + MRT food sensitivity test + 2 hour review and protocol session


Additional $335 testing fee to be paid directly to the lab when the GI-MAP is shipped and the additional testing fee when MRT test is shipped (please ask for MRT pricing)

The GI-MAP includes the first comprehensive pathogens assay that is FDA approved. This test screens for bacteria, parasites fungi, and viruses. I addition it provides information on your gut flora balance (the good and the bad) as well as giving us insight into inflammation and your immune system. 

This test really allows us to get to the root cause of many gut related issues including skin concerns, bloating, diarrhea/constipation, stomach pains, weight loss resistance, and more!

This is a simple in home stool test that you can take and ship at your convenience

The MRT food sensitivity test screens for 170 food and chemical sensitivities. The great thing about this test is that you don’t have to have the food in your system in order to be accurate, unlike the standard testing for things like coeliac disease.

This test allows us to see what foods are currently causing an inflammatory burden in your body so we can personalize your nutrition guidelines and instantly take some stress of your body. 

You may be surprised to find that “healthy” foods fall on this list too! It’s all about your unique body and how it’s currently functioning. Ultimately many of the nutrient dense foods that might show up like bananas or avocado may be able to be reintroduced at a later time after some healing has been done.

The GI-MAP and the MRT testing work in a complimentary way to not only show us what your body is reacting to (foods) but WHY ( pathogens!). Using this information we can REMOVE the stressors ( food and pathogens!) repaid the damage (leaky gut and inflammation!) and restore your health!

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