Get Gutsy With ME

If you have been struggling with bloating, IBS, digestive struggles, skin issues, lack of energy....then this is the program for you! Many chronic diseases BEGIN in the gut. Take 8 weeks with me to learn everything you need to know to restore and rebuild your gut! Offered only 3 times a year, it works well ( although not required) as a precursor to the Blissful Hormones group!

blissful Hormones

If you're thinking "hormones are anything but BLISSFUL!" Then this is the group for you. Learn how to balance your hormones, support your cycle, and get it working FOR you not against you! Offered 3 times a year it works well as a follow up program to Get Gutsy! While it can stand alone and you will see amazing progress in this group if you choose to use it solo, working on your gut health sets you up for better success in the long run! ( Can also be taken in reverse order)


Personalized YOU

Not sure where to start? Or simply don't have the time to check into Facebook groups daily? Work with me one on one and we will create the perfect package for your health goals. Packages include:

  • Functional Lab Testing ( varies based on budget and health struggles)
  • 2 hour results and protocol session
  • 30 minute review
  • 3 -1 hour follow up coaching sessions that are tailored for your needs, questions, and protocol.