Genetic Expression and MTHFR with Dr. Kendra Becker - Ep. 038

Have you always wondered what MTHFR means? Today is your lucky day! Welcome the The Tiny Fit Diva Podcast with your host Kylene Terhune! Today Dr. Kendra Becker is joining us on the show. She’s an Integrated Physician practicing in Waterford, Connecticut specializing in the MTHFR gene mutation, Fertility, Autism, Asthma, Allergies and Atopy (eczema).

Today’s episode is all about keeping healing at home! She began her career in medicine as a nurse before shifting to a Naturopathic education. Her practice focuses on individuality, pediatrics, and using Epigenetics (the study the environment’s influence on your genes to diagnose and treat). 

Genes can show whether you have a susceptibility to pesticides, wifi, certain chemicals, anesthesia or pharmaceuticals. This comes down to knowing if you have a sensitivity to and a difficulty processing toxins. Some people do have the ability to detox, so they can get away with eating processed goods like PopTarts. An activated MTHFR, though, means you’ll likely have trouble with Methylation (effectively elimination toxins from the body).

Everyone has a bucket to hold toxins that it can’t process and release, and once that bucket gets full, you’ll start to show symptoms of poor health. Everybody is different. 

Dr. Kendra Becker can help you find out if there is something in your genetic pre-disposition that she could support so that you can live the healthiest life possible based on your environment or help you know how to change your exposures or environment to support your genetics. And, just because you have a certain gene doesn’t mean it’s activated or turned on. The genetics load the gun but the environment pulls the trigger.

Dr. Kendra Becker has also written two books:

A Delicious Way to Heal the Gut

All You CAN Eat

Kylene and Kendra then discuss the recent studies showing links between the MTHFR gene and Down Syndrome. It completely makes sense that if you’re more susceptible to toxicity that we should be able to find this out so we can limit exposure.

Kendra talks about her stance on supplements and how they’re not her go-to solution most of the time. For example, if you’re too sensitive to take b12 and folate she knows how to prime the body to be able to absorb those better so you don’t feel sick. You have to introduce things gradually so the person can handle it mentally and their cells can handle it.

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