Personalized Skincare With Rachael Pontillo - Ep. 042

Welcome to The Tiny Fit Diva Podcast! Kylene Terhune is here every week to bring you an amazing interview with a leader in the world of healthcare! Today in Episode 42 Kylene is talking to Rachael Pontillo about skin issues and skin care products. 

Rachael really struggled with acne as a teen. She tried many different remedies, eventually learning that skin is best healed from the inside out. Kylene and Rachael have a fascinating conversation about ingredients in skincare products, daily skin routines and overall health.

Listen in to learn which at-home remedies are good for the skin and which are best avoided. Rachael recommends using gentle products like honey and oatmeal. And, sugar scrubs may be wonderful for the body, but she wouldn’t recommend using them on your face where your skin is more sensitive. Another really important ingredient to avoid using on your skin is topical Vitamin C and Beta-Carotene. These are unstable, oxide quickly and irritate the skin.

What does Rachael do to care for her skin each day? Easy!

Morning: splash of water, dry it off, spritz of rose water toner, then a facial oil.

Night: remove make up with a facial oil, then shower, then spritz with rosewater, then apply a different oil blend.
You can check out Rachael Pontillo at to learn more. 

She also has a Facebook Group called Handmade Skincare Enthusiasts here:

You can see her formulation of skincare products

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