Mind, Body, Spirit and Skin: A Whole Body Perspective With Dr. Michelle Jeffries - Ep. 043

Welcome to The Tiny Fit Diva Podcast! Kylene Terhune is here every week to bring you an amazing interview with a leader in the world of healthcare! Today in Episode 43 Kylene welcomes Dr. Michelle Jeffries to give us a whole-body perspective on our health. 

Dr. Michelle Jeffires is an Integrative Dermatologist practicing in Phoenix, Arizona. She specializes in zooming out to see the whole body, then zooming back in to heal the skin.

Kylene and Dr. Jeffries begin the episode talking about the growing interest in integrative medicine. Conventionally medical treatment consists of a prescription to treat a disease and now the idea of pulling in nutrition, stress monitoring, and herbal remedies is really catching fire.

Since a whole-body approach can feel a little overwhelming, Dr. Jeffries reminds listeners that while we should do the best we can, we should also rest in the knowledge that if we can’t do everything with our diet and product exposure perfectly our body should be able to handle an occasional slip now and then. That’s the ideal actually.

Then Kylene and Dr. Jeffries dive into a discussion of products that are clean and safe for people with sensitive skin issues like rosacea and psoriasis:





Be sure to check out Dr. Michelle Jeffries. Visit her website for a free download about her mind, body, spirit skincare approach and watch out for her Acne course in 2019. 


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