How to Work Through Emotional Eating During the Holidays - Ep. 044

Welcome to The Tiny Fit Diva Podcast! Kylene Terhune is here every week to bring you powerful inspiration for your health! Today in Episode 44 Kylene welcomes Mindy Gorman-Plutzer a Certified Eating Psychology Coach to help us understand different types of hunger, eating disorders and our emotional relationship to food.

Mindy and Kylene talk about the difference between knowing how to diet and knowing how to eat. We need to really engage with our body so we can eat to nourish our bodies. This isn’t easy; that’s why many of us just disconnect with our body all together.

Why do we struggle with confusion, fear and anxiety relating to our relationship with food and our own bodies? Mindy has personal experience battling a serious eating disorder and she works to help others overcome harmful societal and cultural messages around food and the resulting physical symptoms. 

Our relationship to food is a mirror for our relationship to life. Kylene and Mindy share inspiring affirmations to change the way we find joy in life. During the holiday season, prepare yourself with the right motivation to eat in a way that honors your body, amid family and tempting pitfalls. 

Mindy Gorman-Plutzer brings 23 years of nutritional counseling experience to her New York City based private practice as a Certified Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner, Board Certified Integrative Health Coach, and Certified Eating Psychology Coach. She introduces a unique functional approach to simple and complex health issues relating to or resulting from disordered and addictive eating behaviors.

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