Getting to the Root Cause of Anxiety, Depression and Mood Swings - Ep. 045

Welcome to The Tiny Fit Diva Podcast! Kylene Terhune is here every week to bring you powerful inspiration for your health! Today in Episode 45 Kylene wants to talk to you about getting to the root cause of anxiety, depression and mood swings. 

Anxiety, depression and other mood disorders affect an increasingly high number of people so let’s take a look at the causes. Of course we associate these issues with the brain; and there is much to consider regarding neurotransmitters and even mindfulness, but if we dig a little deeper we can better understand other causes. Kylene teaches us today about how our gut health and hormones directly affect our moods. 

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The Tiny Fit Diva Podcast teaches you how to balance your hormones, eat what you want, release the guilt, and have freedom mentally and physically from the restrictive mentality of dieting. Your host, Kylene “The Tiny Fit Diva,” is the right person to help you do it! She is a personal trainer, online health coach, wife, stepmom and a certified FDN practitioner. It’s Kylene's passion to help you achieve and claim your optimum health. 

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