Workout Obsession. When Enough Is Enough - Ep 008

Welcome to The Tiny Fit Diva Podcast Episode 008! Today Kylene Terhune addresses the topic of workout obsession in order to caution you against over exercising and to take some of the pressure off of you when it comes to your workout goals. She shares a little bit of her own personal story in the hopes of helping everyone listening!

When we get in the good habit of exercising, sometimes we are a little too good. Are you hard on yourself for missing a day of your workout? Kylene is here to tell you that it's OK to take a break if you need one.

If you are having headaches, exhaustion or any kind of chronic infection you should focus on nourishing your body more than demanding exertion from your body.

Today Kylene releases you from the pressure that you must exercise everyday! Rest is important, too. Listen to your body. 

Kylene says, “Exercise is a stressor, but when it’s used in the proper format it helps your body to have more energy, it helps your body to release mental and emotional stress, it helps your muscles to grow and carry your body and to have flexibility and strength.”

Now, you’ll probably ask, "How often is the right amount to exercise?" No matter where you'd peg yourself on the fitness spectrum, Kylene answers that question for you. And, if you’re wondering how to properly fuel your body for exercise, don’t worry: Kylene gives you a wealth of good information on that topic, too!

The Tiny Fit Diva Podcast teaches you how to balance your hormones, eat what you want, release the guilt, and have freedom mentally and physically from the restrictive mentality of dieting. Your host, Kylene “The Tiny Fit Diva,” is the right person to help you do it! She is a personal trainer, online health coach, wife, stepmom and a certified FDN practitioner. It’s Kylene's passion to help you achieve and claim your optimum health. 

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