3 Diet Mentality Shifts - Ep. 017

Welcome to The Tiny Fit Diva Podcast Episode 017. We are so happy you’re with us today as Kylene makes a powerful case in the defense of real food! Eating is something that we do for our body that is good. Eating shouldn’t be something we feel guilty for. Your body needs real food and eating it should be a joy. Listen in to learn more!


There are so many different diet options available to you: high-fat diets, low-fat diets, vegetarianism, paleo, etc. 


She’s said it before and she’ll say it again: there is no one-size-fits-all diet. Kylene believes in #youturition which means that it’s her goal to find the best food plan for you. Intuitively you know this too, because your body has its own unique food sensitivities, genetics and lifestyle. 


Today Kylene presents 3 mentality shifts that will completely change the way you think about food.


  1. Eat real food. What is real food? It grew on a tree or in the ground. It was designed by God and nature, not a factory, to be broken down and digested. Read labels to find out if something is real.
  2. No macro nutrient is inherently bad. Macro nutrients are carbohydrates, fats and protein. Unless you are a body builder or athlete, counting macros is not necessary. (Side note: micro nutrients are all of the vitamins and minerals comprised in our food. ) Don’t vilify fat and carbohydrates. Your body desperately needs fat and carbohydrates. As long as you are eating real foods, you don’t need to obsess over portion control with fats and carbohydrates. Eating processed foods is what created the need for the concept of dieting as we know it, so if you cut that out of the equation you free yourself.
  3. Think about minimums, not maximums. There is an abundance of food you can and should be eating every day. Focus on what you can feed your body! Be sure your food serves you, not enslaves you!


Thanks for tuning in today and we'll be back next week!


The Tiny Fit Diva Podcast teaches you how to balance your hormones, eat what you want, release the guilt, and have freedom mentally and physically from the restrictive mentality of dieting. Your host, Kylene “The Tiny Fit Diva,” is the right person to help you do it! She is a personal trainer, online health coach, wife, stepmom and a certified FDN practitioner. It’s Kylene's passion to help you achieve and claim your optimum health. 

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