Creating a Meaningful Marriage - Ep. 019

Welcome to The Tiny Fit Diva Podcast Episode 19! Today you’re in for a special treat as Kylene and Patrick Terhune share insights into creating a meaningful marriage. Listen in to learn more about how to improve the relationships in your life for overall better health.


Kylene and Patrick have a pretty amazing marriage. Over the years, they have learned how to make a marriage successful, loving and fulfilling. Today they share the best practices they’ve discovered. Many of these lessons where learned by hard experience, and they share their honest histories in each of their first marriages. “The best relationship is going to be when you have two solid individuals who know who they are who come together to support each other.”


1. Communication is key. You have to tell your partner what you like about them!


2. Respect is so important. If you have something you want to bring up with spouse, make sure you bring it up at a good time.


3. The quality of not being a “yeller” is a choice. If your spouse is angry choose not to meet them at their level of frustration. 


4. Speak positively about your spouse. It’s quite unattractive to see someone complaining about their spouse to their friends.


Among the other pillars of good health including nutrition, exercise, sleep, mental health, etc., you’ll find that healthy relationships are a super-important factor in living a happy life. We hope these great marriage tips and stories help you in your relationships!


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