The Living Well Code with Lisa McCoskey - Ep. 018

Welcome to The Tiny Fit Diva Podcast Episode 018. Today Kylene Terhune brings on special guest, Lisa McCoskey. Lisa is a Nutritional Consultant, Toxin-free Lifestyle Coach and Emotion Code Practitioner.  Listen in to learn more about how to find healing through the physical, emotional and spiritual sides of your health.


Lisa has found amazing healing power using The Emotion Code, which releases trapped, underlying emotions that are poisoning your energy. The power of energy in our bodies cannot be overestimated. We can see this clearly with the effects that stress has on illness, for example. Lisa uses prayer to release the trapped emotion and her patients can then heal and grow.


There are some simple lifestyle changes that Kylene and Lisa recommend to protect your energy. For your mind, stay away from the news, and for your body, realize that whatever you’re putting into your body is either helping your health or hurting it! Food journals help us connect how we feel with what we eat. We’re often not even in-tune with that connection and how we can take charge of how we feel by eating intuitively.


These 3 foods may not get a lot of attention in the media but they offer many real benefits:

  1. Drink celery water first thing in the morning.
  2. Eat wild blueberries
  3. Incorporate bone broth into your recipes.


You can find The Living Well code at


Thanks for tuning in today and we'll be back next week!


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