Food Sensitivities and Vacation! - Ep. 022

Welcome to The Tiny Fit Diva Podcast Episode 022! Kylene is fresh off her vacation with Patrick in the Dominican Republic and she’s back with some great clean eating tips. She’s going to teach us how to balance healthy eating and fun eating on vacation and how to reintroduce foods you’ve eliminated due to sensitivities.


Remember to decide ahead of time on your eating “negotiables” and “non-negotiables.” And, when you choose to indulge on a negotiable vacation indulgence, make sure that it’s something you’ll really enjoy and that the portion is small.


Many people who are interested in avoiding problematic foods get MRT food sensitivities testing. The testing shows you which foods negatively affect you by rating them on a scale of green to yellow to red. After you carefully eliminate any foods that appear in the yellow and red ranges for a set amount of time, you can try to reintroduce foods, while watching for any reactions.


Reintroducing foods like dairy, mushrooms and blueberries later may prove to be totally fine because the gut will have gone through some healing by avoiding these foods for several months and now may be able to tolerate them, especially in small doses. You may discover that your food sensitivities have diminished or gone away completely.


Kylene noticed this on her trip. She tried eating avocado, a food that she had been sensitive to in the past, and she had no reactions. She goes over the 3 main reasons why this was the case. 


  1. It could have been that her sensitivity diminished when she gave her body a break.
  2. It could have been the lower amount of stress she experienced on vacation.
  3. It could have been that the foods she ate had been grown, prepared and processed differently.


Being in a new place means eating foods with a new nutrient diversity, which could have been beneficial as well.  Most of our dry grains like corn and wheat in the United States are sprayed with glyphosate. Even in small amounts, glyphosate kills off your beneficial gut flora. Just remember that you’re eating what your food eats.


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