Stephanie Llacuna on Toxin-Free Living - Ep. 025

Welcome to The Tiny Fit Diva Podcast Episode 25 where your host Kylene Terhune is introducing us to another amazing guest to talk about healthy living! This week we’re focusing on toxin-free living. There are some things that we cannot control about our environments, but for the things we can control, like food and skincare products, we should try to limit our exposure to harmful chemicals. We want to be smart about this, though and not just fall for clever marketing campaigns.


Green washing is when a label tries to represent a food or a cleaning product as more healthy than it really is. If the terms “clean” or “organic” are used on a label, we may assume it’s toxin free, but it if you look at the ingredients you’ll see pernicious things.


Here are some tips to detox your environment:


The priority needs to be switching to an aluminum-free deodorant. Be patient as you find one that works with your body chemistry. Next, find a Flouride-free toothpaste.


Watch out for weed killer. Vinegar is great and there are some great baking soda alternatives, too.


For inside cleaning there is a cleaning version of vinegar that doesn’t smell as bad. 


Watch out for sunscreen that contains Oxybenzone and Octinoxate. A good zinc-based sunscreen is better, and avoid the spray-on sunscreens that expose you to breathing in those fumes.


If a product label lists “fragrance” or “natural flavors,” beware, as this can be referring to a multitude of unlisted ingredients. 


These days we may not have as much acute illness as people did two hundred years ago but we have a lot more chronic illness. Toxins assault us all day everyday so it’s no wonder. This is great information to try to protect ourselves.


Here are some tried and true recipes from Stephanie Llacuna:


Toxin-Free Weed Spray

1 Gallon Vinegar

2 Cups Epsom Salt

½ Cup (Toxin-free) Dish Soap 


Armpit Detox/Care

  • Bentonite Clay Armpit (or face) Mask

-1 TBSP Bentonite clay

-2 TBSP Apple Cider Vinegar

-Water (enough to get the right consistency)

-Mix in a non-metal bowl with a non-metal utensil.

-Apply to armpits and let dry for 5-10 min. Wash off. 

  • Activated charcoal soap (any brand)-helps to pull-out toxins while transitioning to a toxin-free deodorant.
  • For relief of itching/irritation/rashes caused by built-up toxins reacting with baking soda in natural deodorants, apply coconut oil and aloe vera as needed.