Neural Muscular Therapy and Gut Heath Test Results - Ep. 028

Welcome to the Tiny Fit Diva Podcast Episode 28! You’re going to love today’s show. As a special treat, we’re featuring two fascinating health topics. 

First, Kylene Terhune has invited Erin Clarke back to the podcast. She can check out her first Tiny Fit Diva appearance on Episode 11. This time she’s here to talk about Neural Muscular Therapy. Listen in for information on how to heal sports injuries, care for your muscle groups and how to use hot and cold temperatures properly.

Second, Kylene gives us an inside look into how gut health test results work, analyzing stool testing findings, before and after a 6-month-long protocol. The results from stool testing are incredible. There is so much that you can learn about your body by looking at the digestive system. The bacteria in your gut can make or break your chances at building a healthy immune system, having energy and losing weight. The answers to some of the toughest questions are right here. You just have to look and listen to what you body is telling you!

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