Your Fitness Prescription With Igor Klibanov - Ep. 029

Welcome to the Tiny Fit Diva Podcast Episode 29! Your favorite FDNP Kylene Terhune introduces a wonderful guest today who can teach you how to discover your personalized exercise plan. Meet Igor Klibanov who is a successful personal trainer and author of the book “Stop Exercising the Way You’re Doing it Now.”



Diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and osteoporosis are chronic conditions that each tell us something about the way your body can gain the optimal benefits from exercise. This exercise prescription is called: FITT. Igor looks at: frequency, intensity, time, and type.


We need both strength training and cardio. Do you ever wonder, “What’s the right number of reps for me?” or, when doing cardio, “What kind of intervals are right for me?” Igor and Kylene discuss the best exercise plans for people with various chronic conditions.



We can also look at conditions like anxiety and depression. High intensity work outs make anxiety worse

and makes depression better. That’s good to know!


The bottom line is that, if you do it right exercise will physically and neurologically stimulate you in a way that is healing you and healthy for your body. 


When you go home from the gym, remember the 1:23 Rule. Make sure your lifestyle supports what you do in the gym as opposed to sabotaging it. 


Let’s look at hormones for cycling women: 


In the Follicular phase (days 1-14) estrogen is higher. You’re stronger and you can work out with a little more intensity. 


In the Luteal phase (days 15-28) progesterone is higher. This means that metabolism is higher, but keep in mind that cravings are also a little stronger. The last week of the cycle is when you may see PMS symptoms like cramps and mood changes. Exercise injury rates are higher now because elastin is released which looses ligaments. Don’t do intensive work outs or heavy weight training now; just cardio and light strength training.


Here’s where things can be uniquely tailored to your body. You have a biological signature and where you store your body fat tells us about your hormone profile. For example here are a few locations on the body and their corresponding hormones:


Triceps - testosterone

Upper back and love handles - insulin

Ribs - thyroid

Stomach - cortisol

Knee and calf - growth hormone

Quads, hamstrings, (essentially thighs) - estrogen


When working with clients, Igor finds out which three areas of the body are relatively higher in fat than other areas of your body. That’s how Igor can use your biological signature to design your personalized exercise plan.


Here’s an example of another interesting way your biological signature informs your optimal health. You can measure the fat between your shoulder blades to see how many carbohydrates you can tolerate.The more fat you have there, the fewer carbs you can tolerate. The less fat your have there the more carbs you can tolerate.


That leads us to the big question: Is spot fat reduction possible? Yes it is! Listen in to learn how to tailor your exercise routine to target fat on the areas of your body that need it the most!






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