Withdrawal Detox vs. Pathogen Detox - Ep. 054

Welcome to The Tiny Fit Diva Podcast! Today in Episode 54 Kylene Terhune teaches us about the difference between a withdrawal detox and a pathogen detox. You’ve probably experienced some detox symptoms at some point in your life so it might be good to learn how to support your body!

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OK! There are 2 kinds of detoxes:

Withdrawal detox may happen when you cut out something, do a cleanse or make a dramatic change in your eating. Just like your body suffers withdrawal symptoms when you give up addictive substances like drugs and alcohol, you’ll feel uncomfortable cutting out foods like sugar, wheat, and caffeine. These foods, when eaten, cause dopamine to be released in your brain which stimulates your appetite and causes cravings for those same foods. You might notice fatigue, headaches, irritability, depression and cravings for 3-7 days. Listen in for 10 tips to get you through it! Great tips for sure, not the least of which is to focus on nutrients that you can have by eating well and supplementing with this awesome Meyers Way Multivitamin: https://store.amymyersmd.com/products/the-myers-way-multivitamin .

A pathogen detox happens with a pathogen protocol and is also known as a Herxheimer Reaction. When you’re targeting some bad bacteria in your gut or a parasite and they are dying off faster than your body can flush them, you may start to feel sick. You might experience fatigue, flu-like symptoms, headache or a rash. Slow the protocol down right away. Kylene recommends a great GI DETOX: https://biocidin.com/g-i-detox/ or Activated Charcoal to bind up those bugs and help you flush them out. She also goes over some really good things you can do to feel better fast!

Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you next week!

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