Happy Living - Ep. 050

Welcome to The Tiny Fit Diva Podcast! Kylene Terhune is here every week to bring you an episode full of powerful inspiration for your health! Today in Episode 50 Kylene talks with Matt Gersper founder of Happy Living about the links between health and happiness!

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Mr. Happy Living talks with TheTinyFitDiva about the inspiration that created our new vacation retreats at the #HappyLivingHouse on Lake Norman.
Check 'em out: http://bit.ly/2sn5gm9

Matt has a strong background in business process optimization and athletics but has shifted his energies, finding his true calling in helping people to find happy lives. 

He’s the author of Turning Inspiration Into Action, as well as a motivational speaker and entrepreneur.

While hiking to the Phantom Ranch in The Grand Canyon he read the book Half Time and felt inspired to create Happy Living. There are two kinds of people the book posits: The kind that roll out the last 40 years of their life quietly and the kind that reinvent themselves and claim their best years, choosing to improve something about themselves every single day!

A focus on health really became a priority with his business Happy Living because nutrition, sleep, and fitness are absolutely necessary for a happy life. When he read Grain Brain with his wife he cut out grain and sugar and he couldn’t believe how quickly he started feeling better! Matt and Kylene share life hacks and tips to put healthy habits into place. Thanks for tuning in!

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You can check out Matt Gersper at:    https://www.happyliving.com/

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Check out his podcast: Something Significant   https://www.happyliving.com/something-significant-podcast/

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